6 Ways To Motivate Students Cognitively During Summer Break

How To Motivate Students During Summer Break contributed by Dr. Pamela Roggeman, academic dean at the University of Phoenix College of Education For decades, we have romanticized the idea of children taking the summer off to enjoy warm weather, summer camps and family vacations. Should we rethink summer learning loss? Considering recent (and current) events … Read more

The Simplest Way To Slow The Summer Slide

by Terry Heick Like every year, there’s a lot of dialogue right now about the dreaded summer slide. Of course, this year is different than any in recent memory, and so the whole context of it changes. These arguments about how to slow the ‘summer slide’ usually include scary statistics, technology layers, and socioeconomic concerns. … Read more

25 Resources And Ideas To Help Students Read More During The Summer

contributed by Dr. Kimberly Tyson This post has been updated and republished Summer is here. Your child probably has a countdown posted on the refrigerator or hidden in their notebook. During the past school year, your child’s school has supported and encouraged independent reading to build your child’s fluency, vocabulary, and enjoyment for reading. And, … Read more

10 Tips For Teaching Mindfulness In School At Any Grade Level

contributed by Kelly April Tyrrell and TeachThought Staff While the scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Investigating Healthy Minds (CIHM) at the Waisman Center aren’t yet ready to issue evidence-based mindfulness curriculum practices, Flook and CIHM outreach specialists Lisa Thomas Prince and Lori Gustafson offer the following tips for families wishing to engage in … Read more

Strategies, Tips, And Resources For Protecting Children From Abuse

contributed by Mary L. Pulido, Ph.D. See something? Hear something? Please, do something. This is not an alert warning about a strange package on a subway platform; it is an alert for another type of terror: the abuse and neglect of children. It is everyone’s job to protect children, not just the local authorities. During the pandemic, … Read more

Helping Children Cope With Changes Resulting From COVID-19

Helping Children Cope With Changes Resulting From COVID-19 contributed by Sanam Edwards, Teacher It’s been more than a year since we shifted to our virtual platform on Teams. Learners have acclimated to technology like fish to water, and it is sometimes educators who must keep stride with their hunger for new tech tools. We experienced … Read more

9 Ways To Support A Culture Of Wellness In Your School

Social Pulse 9 Ways To Support A Culture Of Wellness In Your School by TeachThought Staff How can you create a culture of wellness in your school or classroom? General ‘wellness’ is an important concept for leading a healthy life wrapped up in a generic term. What does wellness look like and how can you … Read more

We Must Be Disciples for Our Students in 2021

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