Are You Ready To Facilitate In The Virtual Classroom?

5 Best Virtual Classroom Facilitation Practices You’re about to facilitate your first virtual classroom session. You’re familiar with the content, have delivered it face-to-face in a classroom setting, and have been a participant in the virtual classroom before. Surely it can’t be that hard to facilitate online. As an ATD facilitator for the traditional classroom … Read more

Using Adobe Photoshop To Enhance Your Virtual Classrooms And Events

Unleash The Power Of Imagery Images are an incredibly powerful way to present information or add visual interest to a web page. They were part of the original HTML specification and it’s difficult to find a web page on the internet today that doesn’t include an image. I often see virtual rooms that include little … Read more

4 Strategies To Create Effective Virtual Learning Journeys For Your Employees

Creating Effective Virtual Learning Journeys Virtual training has become the norm due to the pandemic. Most organizations have moved their classroom training sessions to online virtual learning journeys, with instructors using virtual tools to conduct the sessions. Learning journeys are a key component in achieving the learning objectives and training outcomes for the workforce. It … Read more

How To Overcome Learning Fatigue In Your Remote Employee Training Programs

What Is Learning Fatigue? It’s very common to see organizations skimp on or go overboard with employee training and development needs in certain months of the year. With remote work now becoming the norm rather than the exception, it has given rise to a new phenomenon called online learning fatigue. L&D teams and HR professionals … Read more

Elevating Remote Learning Programs Trilogy [eBook]

Next-Level Remote Learning Programs To Cultivate Top Talent Hands-on experience may be harder to come by, thanks to the new normal. However, you can still give your employees all the experiential know-how they need with immersive learning strategies. This eBook trilogy covers the essentials needed to unlock your team’s potential and support them from afar … Read more