VILT Case Study: There Was Little Choice About Going To Virtual Training

How VILT Helped One Online Learning Company Overcome Challenges In the eBook, Continuous Improvement For Virtual Training In Today’s Business Climate, four global L&D thought leaders share stories of how the COVID-19 crisis influenced their trainingstrategies in 2020, and what they predict for the future of training in 2021 and beyond. This is the second … Read more

Virtual Training For Continuous Improvement: Adapting To An Accelerated Development Schedule

Case Study: How A Hybrid VILT Model Helped One Company Rise To “New Normal” Challenges Everyone would agree that 2020 was an unprecedented year for learning and development. Although companies might have dabbled in virtual training prior to COVID-19, the pandemic forced global organizations worldwide to dive in headfirst. One of the main factors driving … Read more

How To Combat The Learner Engagement Challenge By Creating Immersive Learning Experiences

The Learner Engagement Challenge Changes in workplace dynamics, where more employees work from places other than their traditional workplaces, have produced wide-ranging anxiety and distractions in the workforce. Delivering virtual training in such an environment is extremely challenging because it’s difficult to keep remote learners focused and engaged. The result? Increasing rates of disengagement from … Read more

Continuous Improvement For Virtual Training In Today's Business Climate [eBook]

An Inside Look At Virtual Training Before, During, And After The COVID Crisis Many organizations considered making the switch from ILT to virtual training before the pandemic. However, the outbreak forced them to accelerate their initiatives and overcome a steep learning curve. This eBook explores virtual training in today’s business climate and offers an inside glimpse … Read more

Beyond VILT: How To Create An eLearning Culture Designed For The New Virtual Environment

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Virtual Learning Environment Challenges: Designing VILT To Be More Accessible

How To Make VILT Experiences Accessible And Engaging It is clear that people with disabilities face obstacles when it comes to traditional instructor-led training. Organizations today accommodate for their needs; making handouts available in larger print or providing adaptive hearing devices. While the virtual classroom removes the barrier of traveling to a physical location, it … Read more

eBook Release: Trainer’s Guide—Finding Success In Virtual Training

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eBook Release: Accessibility Considerations In The World Of Online Training And Learning

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Bringing A New Approach To Traditional eLearning

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