How To Convert Your Classroom Training To Virtual Training

Convert Your Classroom Training: 3 Stress-Free Steps And 3 Mistakes To Avoid What do you want the learner to be able to do at the end of the e-learning course? Typically, it is not to be amazed by how many interactive features the developer was able to execute within the authoring tool. For example, if … Read more

Virtual Learning Environment Challenges: Designing VILT To Be More Accessible

How To Make VILT Experiences Accessible And Engaging It is clear that people with disabilities face obstacles when it comes to traditional instructor-led training. Organizations today accommodate for their needs; making handouts available in larger print or providing adaptive hearing devices. While the virtual classroom removes the barrier of traveling to a physical location, it … Read more

eBook Release | The Future Of Work: The Role Of Instructional Design In Converting VILT To eLearning In 2021

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eBook Release: Trainer’s Guide—Finding Success In Virtual Training

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Best Practices For Enhancing The Virtual Classroom Experience

For Virtual Trainers And Facilitators Live virtual classroom training is here to stay. Whether your employees are 100% remote or working in a hybrid environment, these flexible work arrangements have made virtual classroom learning an attractive choice for L&D professionals, especially since the onset of the pandemic. For organizations that choose to invest in live … Read more

Feedback Alternatives To Make eLearning More Empowering

Make The Virtual Classroom Feel More Connective Although eLearning can provide personalized responses to students’ work, the grading system is still relatively black and white. After taking an online assessment, a question is either right or wrong, with no response as to what the student should work on to improve in the future. Although we … Read more

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Elements Of VILT In 2021

How The Elements Of VILT Can Help Your Organization There are some important elements in VILT that can make the difference between the success and failure of your learning scheme. eBook Release eLearning Trends 2021: A View From The Trenches Explore 5 eLearning trends adopted by high-performing organizations you should be adopting to become an … Read more