The Road To Stellar Training Video Animations Is Paved With These Spot-On Storyboard Templates

eLearning Storyboard Templates To Produce Top Notch Training Video Animations eLearning animation is quickly becoming a standard part of blended learning programs for corporate entities and big companies looking to educate, retrain, or onboard their staff. Because of its accessibility, convenience, and cost-effective approach, animation has become the clear choice for learning. It offers a … Read more

6 Video Scripting Examples Of Enticing Live-Action And eLearning Video Animations

What Is eLearning Animation? How can video scripting examples optimize your online training strategy? eLearning Animations are short videos, usually less than 7 minutes in length, that explain or educate the viewer. They can be produced in a variety of styles and cover any number of topics but the thing they all have in common … Read more

eLearning Voice Overs: Bridging The Gaps And Carving The Future

AI Voice Overs, The Perfect Match For eLearning “One of the most important areas we can develop as professionals is competence in accessing and sharing knowledge.” – Connie Malamed And precisely so, the pandemic did accelerate the cycle of change, advancing the learning system as a whole. eLearning is not a new concept for the … Read more

3 Reasons Why Video Learning Is An Essential Learner Engagement Strategy For Any Industry

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Video-Based Content/Learning

Video-Based Content Market Video is the most adaptive way to access information in the modern-day world. Some statistics to prove it are: Tweets that include video content have ten times more engagement. Over 2 billion videos are viewed on Twitter each day. 65% of impressions from an ad on Instagram are from video content. Facebook … Read more