Education and Industry Leaders Rethink Back-to-School Season at Inaugural Summit

With battle cries of “Digital on day one!,” districts launch into back-to-school planning around this time each year. But the pathway to a successful start to the new school year is littered with technical landmines. And they aren’t new problems—they happen every single year. The pathway to a successful start to the new school year … Read more

6 Ways to Prepare Students for the Future with Interactive 3D [Infographic]

Interactive 3D has opened a door between worlds, allowing us to solve problems in virtual spaces and bring those solutions into the physical world that we inhabit. Once reserved for the games industry, this technology is now being adopted across a wide range of professional arenas and diverse fields of study, which will fundamentally reshape … Read more

How to Use Podcasts in Teaching

The following is the latest installment of the Toward Better Teaching advice column. You can pose a question for a future column here. Reader Question: Dear Bonni, I know that both you and your husband have podcasts and that you love not only producing them, but consuming them. Do you use podcasts in your teaching, … Read more

The Pandemic Put the Pressure on School Technology Leaders. What Did They Learn?

More off-campus broadband access. New ways of engaging with families. Growing concerns over digital equity and the silos that exist within school systems. These are some of the trends that emerged in a recent survey of district technology leaders, reflecting the dramatic changes and unprecedented demand that school-based technology teams experienced during the pandemic. The … Read more

This Tech Leader Uses One Platform to Solve Numerous Access Issues

Pete Just is the driving force behind a dizzying array of student-focused technology initiatives for both the state of Indiana and the Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Wayne Township, where he is Chief Technology Officer. We needed a solution that would simplify access for our students and staff… He helped launch Indiana’s first and only … Read more

Why Tech Companies View the Job Search As Big Business

In the months that followed the onset of COVID-19, devastating unemployment and the rapid shift to remote learning renewed questions about the efficacy of a pricey, multi-year college degree—and sparked a national outcry over the relevance of traditional higher education in a COVID-changed world. Parents and students alike were rightfully skeptical of paying high prices … Read more

How Research-Informed Games May Result in Deep Learning Experiences

Time and again, there have been education techniques and pedagogy developed that challenged conventional teaching and learning methods. As new approaches are tried, it is important to also analyze the reasons why children may be apprehensive about learning. Games can be particularly effective for engaging learners, promoting active participation and motivating students, both in and … Read more

How A Single Platform Enables Successful Co-Teaching and Engagement in Remote Learning

Over the course of three years working together, Ohio teacher Heather Nesler and her co-teacher perfected a smoothly choreographed approach to co-teaching inclusive eighth-grade math classes. Their strategy—which included using Pear Deck’s platform—was supportive and engaging. Even the quietest students participated. Then the pandemic hit. Over the course of three years working together, Ohio teacher … Read more

How Interactive 3D Is Transforming the Way we Learn and Work

Through the many rapid changes in technology we’ve seen over the years, only a handful appear to have real sticking power and truly transform our way of life. Real-time interactive 3D may be that next transformative technology. In terms of its impact on learning, we have only scratched the surface, with new opportunities emerging from … Read more

This Middle School Engaged Struggling Students and Gave Them a Voice in a Virtual World

Assistant Principal Ronda Smith remembers her heart racing when she learned that John F. Kennedy Middle School would pivot to remote learning because of the pandemic. We had to figure out how to get students engaged online, which was already a focus in the brick-and-mortar setting. “We didn’t have the tools or the training,” explains … Read more