Do You Know Your District’s True Digital Story? This Tool Can Help

Matt Frey is a data guy. As Executive Director of Instructional Technology at Plano ISD in Texas, he often slips into his district’s sea of digital usage data to understand student engagement, direct budget planning, find power users and more. But sometimes, he’ll dig around without specific goals or questions in mind, exploring until the … Read more

Education and Industry Leaders Rethink Back-to-School Season at Inaugural Summit

With battle cries of “Digital on day one!,” districts launch into back-to-school planning around this time each year. But the pathway to a successful start to the new school year is littered with technical landmines. And they aren’t new problems—they happen every single year. The pathway to a successful start to the new school year … Read more

Trust the Process: How to Choose and Use Edtech That Actually Works

We’ve all read the news over the past year, and it’s no longer a surprise that many schools around the country were woefully unprepared for COVID-19. According to one recent survey, nine in 10 educators expect technology to play an increased role in the coming years. But the pandemic made clear that despite dramatic increases … Read more

Hybrid Learning Not Making the Grade? Try These Smart Fixes

As educators gain more experience with hybrid and fully remote learning models, they’re optimizing classroom technology to meet their students’ needs. Teachers must have creative ways to actively engage their remote students, going beyond asynchronous teaching that simply sends recorded lessons to students’ home devices to watch on their own time. With collaborative technology tools, … Read more