10 Student Engagement Strategies That Empower Learners

How To Help Students Not Just ‘Pay Attention’ But Take Control Of Learning by Terry Heick Agreeing on how to best establish what a learner understands isn’t simple — if for no other reason then understanding itself isn’t simple. The difference between gamification and game-based learning is important: the former uses encouragement mechanics to promote engagement, while … Read more

8 High School Classroom Management Strategies That Empower Students

8 High School Classroom Management Strategies That Empower Students “Don’t smile for a full year.” “Dress professionally.” “Wear your hair up.” New teachers — and younger ones, in particular — are often encouraged to lead with firmness, an authoritative presence, and a no-nonsense approach. Unfortunately, these well-intended suggestions may work against efforts to build personal … Read more

How Our Near-Peer Mentoring Model Is Addressing Pandemic Isolation

I felt helpless. In Orange County, Calif., COVID-19 cases were rising exponentially. Local schools had reverted to fully remote learning, restrictions had increased to prevent community spread, and our students and families were experiencing higher levels of COVID-19 infection, food insecurity, housing insecurity and isolation from their peers than had been the case since the … Read more

Why Summer Learning Programs Are Pushing More Fun Than Academics

The weather may be warming up, but this year more than ever, “school’s out for summer” won’t be true for thousands of students across the country. After more than a year of teaching under quarantine, school districts have big plans for summer learning. It’s a time to bring kids back together in person, try to … Read more

How Research-Informed Games May Result in Deep Learning Experiences

Time and again, there have been education techniques and pedagogy developed that challenged conventional teaching and learning methods. As new approaches are tried, it is important to also analyze the reasons why children may be apprehensive about learning. Games can be particularly effective for engaging learners, promoting active participation and motivating students, both in and … Read more

Why Santa Fe Broke the K-12 Model and Chose a Different Curriculum for the Middle Grades

Choosing a new curriculum for New Mexico public school districts is no small task. Each content area goes through a six-year adoption cycle. So, before committing, districts solicit input from teachers, parents, administrators and even community members, in an effort to make the best choices for their kids. One reason we chose MidSchoolMath is that … Read more

How A Single Platform Enables Successful Co-Teaching and Engagement in Remote Learning

Over the course of three years working together, Ohio teacher Heather Nesler and her co-teacher perfected a smoothly choreographed approach to co-teaching inclusive eighth-grade math classes. Their strategy—which included using Pear Deck’s platform—was supportive and engaging. Even the quietest students participated. Then the pandemic hit. Over the course of three years working together, Ohio teacher … Read more

Why Jo Boaler Believes This Math Curriculum Is the Key to Promoting Growth Mindset

When Dr. Jo Boaler started her teaching career in inner-city London—in a culturally diverse school population with roughly 250 different languages spoken—she was tasked with teaching math to students assigned to the bottom track. As far as the school system was concerned, this was the group destined for low-level achievement. She recalls one of her … Read more

Civics Education Is Essential for Creating Engaged Citizens. I’m Hopeful It's About to Make a Comeback.

On a memorable morning in my high school civics class, the students—seniors, full of energy—learned about the formation and function of our legislative branch. But they weren’t reading from a textbook. They were roleplaying. Let me set the scene for you. One student, standing up and projecting his voice, declared: “Virginia objects to New Jersey … Read more

How This Company Gives Voice — and Value — to Virtual Collaboration

Sometimes, a great idea takes an unexpected turn that makes it even better. When VoiceThread’s founders first started dabbling in software, they aimed to answer a key question: If you took an image and recorded the audio stories behind it, would this digital artifact have more value? Sometimes, a great idea takes an unexpected turn … Read more