How a Feedback Tool Improves Both Instruction and Student Outcomes for This Math Teacher

In recent years, the focus in math education has shifted from the traditional priority of answering the problem to one of understanding and articulating the process. This has been accompanied by a growing demand for educators to provide quality feedback in a timely manner. And high school math teacher Krystina Wood might have discovered the … Read more

The Key to Better Student Engagement Is Letting Them Show You How They Learn

A couple of weeks ago during a coaching session, a middle school teacher I work with described a fun math activity. She asked her students who were learning remotely to build blanket forts. As you might expect, the students calculated the area, perimeter and volumes of their forts. What was surprising was that for days … Read more

Could VR Be the Missing Piece in Meaningful Language Instruction?

In the early ’80s—when Euan Bonner was just five or so—he and his dad would tinker with their Commodore 64, copying code from magazines into the PC so they could play games. Bonner later taught himself to code and even dreamed of one day building a virtual reality platform. That passion carried through to his … Read more

How Leveraging Curiosity May Keep Students Engaged From Afar

Faith Bongiorno began her teaching career as an “art-on-the-cart” educator. But that changed one day when her son told her he wanted to participate in FIRSTⓇ LEGOⓇ League, a robotics program created through an alliance betweenFIRSTⓇ (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and LEGOⓇ Education. Curiosity piqued, she presented the program to her … Read more

What Is Reader’s Theater? Using Literacy For Online Student Engagement

Image attribution flickeringbrad contributed by Kathrina O’Connell Last summer my school’s middle-school literacy academy abruptly shifted to distance learning due to COVID-19. With smiles on our faces, we told our students how excited we were to see them online the next day. With fear in our hearts, we quietly worried how we would teach our … Read more