The Future Of Post-COVID eLearning: How AR Is Set To Revolutionize The Industry

Let’s Explore How AR Is Changing eLearning Amidst the rise of the global pandemic [1], the educational sector has been massively impacted. Not only have educational institutions been temporarily closed and shut down for a long period, there was much uncertainty looming surrounding the course of action to be taken. As a result of the … Read more

The Future Of Corporate L&D: Moving From A Netflix To A YouTube Model

How The Crisis Has Changed How We Train Now more than ever, L&D professionals have had to step up and jump on board the eLearning trend, whether you see it as a temporary solution or the new L&D normal, it’s clear that things have changed. With 2020 rendering face-to-face training virtually impossible, we’ve had to … Read more

School Support During The Pandemic With The Help Of EdTech

Impact Of The Pandemic On Education The number of children and adults not attending schools or universities due to the COVID-19 outbreak is skyrocketing. Governments around the world have decided to close educational institutions to contain the global COVID-19 pandemic. More than 100 countries have implemented nationwide school closings, affecting more than half of the … Read more

eLearning Has Improved In The Last 7 Years…

What Are The Drivers Of These Changes? The growth of online enrollments in the U.S. has increased for the 14th consecutive year… At the same time, the number of students exclusively taking face-to-face classes on a brick-and-mortar campus has been dropping (Seaman, Allen, & Seaman, 2018). In 2016, there were over 6 million students in … Read more

Using eLearning In The Real Estate Industry During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Discover The Advantages Of Using eLearning In Real Estate The coronavirus outbreak has caused schools and universities to close all across the world. It’s estimated that more than 1.5 billion students are out of their educational institutions. As a result, the change in educational systems has been accelerated all over the world. In other words, … Read more

Going Back To Normal? Not Going To Happen!

Embracing Change In A Changing Workplace I recently read a tweet that got me thinking about how we used to work pre-pandemic. The tweet seemed innocent enough, but it also subtly represents the collective complacency we accepted prior to the pandemic, or as we now call, normal times. Here’s the tweet, you be the judge: … Read more

Ready, Steady, Go! Or Not?

Dealing With The Challenges Presented By COVID-19 When disruption occurs, sometimes there is a need to challenge existing paradigms. At other times, it may be about changing the current mindset to existing paradigms. It could even be a bit of both. Let’s start by examining the old fun/classic way of starting a practice race in … Read more