Best Practices For Enhancing The Virtual Classroom Experience

For Virtual Trainers And Facilitators Live virtual classroom training is here to stay. Whether your employees are 100% remote or working in a hybrid environment, these flexible work arrangements have made virtual classroom learning an attractive choice for L&D professionals, especially since the onset of the pandemic. For organizations that choose to invest in live … Read more

7 Strategies To Support And Drive Self-Directed Learning In The Remote Workplace

Why Don’t The Existing Corporate Training Programs Deliver The Desired Value To Learners? This is on account of inherent shortcomings in which they are structured. Look at the following aspects that clearly highlight how often existing approaches may not be in sync with what learners need and ask for: L&D teams push training to employees … Read more

10 Ways To Help Students Become More Independent Learners

contributed by Amy Dell As a fairly experienced teacher (five years in Spain and five years in the U.S.), I’ve learned one overarching lesson: Students will almost always meet whatever expectations you put out for them. Whatever we think they can or can’t achieve becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and this applies universally. Some students just … Read more