“Good teaching means being open to adventure”

Swiss secondary school teacher Stella Stejskal-Blum’s English learners dive into the world of digital entrepreneurship. Caroline Smrstik Gentner: What prompted you to have your English class explore ideas for a start-up business? Stella Stejskal-Blum: In 2019, I was working with students who had dropped out of school or were homeschooled, in a bilingual learning group, … Read more

Where to Take Online Photography Classes

Whether you’re a brand new photographer who is eager to take their first shots or you’re an intermediate photographer who wants to level up on their skills, online classes can act as just the thing to make you even better with your camera. These five online photography courses will teach you lighting, software, and even … Read more

Top 5 Tips to Writing Great College Papers

College is a one time opportunity for most of the young people and graduating with a good grade is their ultimate goal. But college assignments aren’t a welcome task for most learners. Research papers have especially proved to be a demanding practice given the rigorous nature of writing assignments that students get bombarded with. And … Read more

How To Prepare For Medical School

Making the decision to pursue a career as a physician is a significant one because it demands a high level of dedication and years of practice. Though it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, developing a strategic mindset may help. Getting Ready For Medical School It’s never too early to begin considering your career aspirations and devising … Read more

“We’re rediscovering how versatile teaching can be”

CSG: Reorganizing the standard curriculum requires huge adjustments on the part of both students and teachers. How are they handling it so far? WS: All 25 teachers have been working on this project for the past two years, and they have made a commitment to see it through. In the past, school development has always … Read more