Maths anxiety is a global concern

The negative link between maths anxiety and maths achievement is well documented across high-income countries, and new research points to a similar relationship in low-income contexts. This global concern needs to be tackled with early interventions for students, and teacher support. Such actions should reduce maths anxiety and improve maths performance. How often do you … Read more

Rethinking higher education in Africa

Gordon Adomdza, Associate Professor at Ashesi University in Ghana, explains why we need to educate the next generation to be ethical and entrepreneurial leaders. Aisha Schnellmann: How has higher education evolved over the years in Ghana and comparable African countries, and what are the key roles of universities today? Gordon Adomdza: In the sixties, many … Read more

4 Tips for Students Starting in the Winter Semester

Starting college during the winter is fantastic – you’re still able to graduate with your classmates, spring orientation is a little less daunting, and you’re usually still eligible for scholarships the next autumn. However, starting in January does come with its own challenges. Meeting people and getting into the swing of things is hard when … Read more

Elevations RTC School Academics Separate Themselves from Other Residential Treatment Centers

Teenagers facing their own set of problems can suffer in many ways. In most cases, it starts to spill over into the classroom, causing more problems as they fall behind and face discipline for grades. Instead of continuing with this vicious cycle, Elevations RTC strives to put an end to any academic issues with a … Read more

“Children look to teachers as role models for how to treat their peers”

Jeanine Grütter discusses the influence teachers have on students’ willingness to include others, which may in turn affect academic achievement. Aisha Schnellmann: How do relationships with peers and teachers affect children’s academic success? Jeanine Grütter: Relationships with peers and teachers are very important for a child’s personal development. Good relationships with supportive teachers can protect … Read more

Is It Better To Attend Online Or Campus Education For Your Healthcare Degree?

Earning a degree in healthcare opens up a lot of options for your future. You can pursue a career as a medical assistant, nursing assistant, nurse, medical billing specialist, pharmacy technician, physician assistant, podiatrist and several other roles. You can be specialized in any area of medicine that interests you. With a degree in this … Read more

4 Skills Every New Teacher Should Have

In the USA, there are over 50 million students in the public schooling system. That is a huge amount of young people who are looking for teachers to inspire, nurture, and guide them through their learning. Teaching is a fantastic profession for anyone motivated to help others reach their full potential. However, teaching is not … Read more