7 Considerations In Using eLearning To Boost Sales

Increase Sales With Proven eLearning Elements There is no doubt that technology has changed corporate training for the better, by all indications, and that there will be no return to older models and methods that required a traditional classroom setting. Technology has provided a paradigm shift and has also opened up new approaches and processes … Read more

Benefits Of Speech Analytics For Customer Support Call Centers

Speech Analytics For Customer Support The business world depends on Big Data to create a structured and dynamic workflow to suit current and future requirements and for better decision-making. It is impossible to derive quality information without high volumes of data if the user prefers to gain actionable real-time information. There are several tools on … Read more

Adult Learning Tactics For Sales Training Effectiveness

How To Design Sales Trainings For Adult Learners Developing the perfect sales training program can feel next to impossible; keeping spirits high, engagement up, and information relevant is not an easy act to juggle. While it may be tempting to adopt a traditional didactic approach that features passive listening from your audience, many Instructional Designers … Read more