Designing A Tool-KIT For Remote Employee Wellness

Remote Employee Wellness: Trends And Ideas Formal and informal on-site programs have been around for years. Examples include brown bag lunch-and-learn programs, on-site gyms, walking groups, movie nights, support groups, and the general camaraderie with peers. In addition, a clear distinction between being at work and away from work helps employees gain a sense of … Read more

4 Reasons To Opt For A Microlearning LXP When Onboarding Virtual Teams

Onboarding Virtual Teams? Consider Using A Microlearning LXP Set up your online learning system to utilize this, so that employee-level users have the ability to build their own training and then manage it. Also, make sure that learning evaluations are structured so that remote workers can easily set up appraisal tools rather than having a … Read more

How To Engage Remote Learners Using Gamification With A Cloud-Based LMS

5 Ways A Cloud-Based LMS Can Engage Learners Remote learning is the future, but engaging learners can be difficult. How can we use the psychology of learning and gamification, with a cloud-based LMS, to create an intuitive and appealing learning environment? Businesses and workers around the world were thrown into chaos in 2020, with offices … Read more

eBook Release: eLearning Trends In 2021

My eBook, eLearning Trends in 2021, is designed as a guide that you can refer to as you firm up your L&D plans for 2021. The featured trends are contextualized for application, given the new workplace dynamics. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

eBook Release: Microlearning Tips For A Successful Remote Workforce Onboarding Process

Succeed In Remote Onboarding With Microlearning Employee onboarding has always been one of the top priorities for businesses that want to achieve their goals in no time. Its importance has been discussed and analyzed thoroughly in the past. Fairly, each respectful organization makes sure to invest in quality employee onboarding for several reasons, among which … Read more

7 Ways Your Training Organization Can Leverage Audio Conference Systems

How To Implement Audio Conference Systems In Your Training Organization Training organizations need to run like a well-oiled machine to bridge gaps and stretch available resources. Otherwise, poor employee performance wreaks havoc on your profit margins. Can audio conference systems help you keep all the cogs turning and cut online training costs? The right solution … Read more

eBook Release: Successful Employee Training Explained

Successful Training Creates Successful Employees Employee training has become a staple of the modern corporate culture. Over the years, it has expanded to include onboarding, soft skills, digital skills, and cross-training that allow employees a peek into an upward-looking future in your organization. eBook Release Successful Employee Training Explained Discover the best ways to offer … Read more

Onboarding Remote Workers: 4 Ways To Bring Behavioral Change With Microlearning Platforms

How To Onboard Remote Workers With A Microlearning Platform We must change people’s mindsets about the importance of learning in the workplace if we want to establish an effective learning strategy. Microlearning platforms can help bring about this behavioral change by focusing on the individual needs of an employee, increasing employee engagement, and more. The … Read more

3 Smart New Hire Orientation Ideas To Help Remote Employees Blend Into Your Company Culture

Top-Notch New Hire Orientation Ideas For Your Remote Employees The importance of good orientation and a strong onboarding process can never be overestimated. This is why it is essential to brainstorm new hire orientation ideas. According to a study by Glassdoor, employee retention rates are increased by as much as 82% by great onboarding programs … Read more

How To Make Your Own Virtual Onboarding Plan

Can You Really Plan Virtual Onboarding? This virtual onboarding plan is structured around a set of milestones—Learn, Build, Do—that naturally align with a 30-60-90 day Onboarding program schedule. The model calls for an incremental progress review (Manager 1:1) at the end of each of each milestone, which is designed to fall roughly at the end … Read more