Colleges Have Embraced Online Learning. Will That Open Remote Teaching Opportunities for Faculty?

As the pandemic wanes, a chorus of commentators are offering predictions about what mark it will leave on higher education—with some forecasting colleges collapsing and others seeing increasing alliances with commercial partners. Most anticipate the growing centrality of online learning in university life. As a longtime proponent of online higher education, I thought I’d take … Read more

How A Single Platform Enables Successful Co-Teaching and Engagement in Remote Learning

Over the course of three years working together, Ohio teacher Heather Nesler and her co-teacher perfected a smoothly choreographed approach to co-teaching inclusive eighth-grade math classes. Their strategy—which included using Pear Deck’s platform—was supportive and engaging. Even the quietest students participated. Then the pandemic hit. Over the course of three years working together, Ohio teacher … Read more

Trust the Process: How to Choose and Use Edtech That Actually Works

We’ve all read the news over the past year, and it’s no longer a surprise that many schools around the country were woefully unprepared for COVID-19. According to one recent survey, nine in 10 educators expect technology to play an increased role in the coming years. But the pandemic made clear that despite dramatic increases … Read more

The Story Behind a Petition to Hold College Commencement in Person, Despite COVID-19

Raquel Perez is earning her associate degree in audio engineering this spring. It’s a milestone many semesters in the making. The 32-year-old has spent the last five years pursuing a degree at Houston Community College, balancing classes with paid work and raising her seven children. Propelling her forward through all of that effort was her … Read more

Old, Slow Laptops Are Sabotaging College Student Success

Spotty internet service makes remote learning hard for many college students. So does lacking reliable access to a computer. But even students who do have Wi-Fi and digital devices for schoolwork may not be able to fully participate in their courses if the technology they have is old, outdated or not powerful enough to handle … Read more

This Middle School Engaged Struggling Students and Gave Them a Voice in a Virtual World

Assistant Principal Ronda Smith remembers her heart racing when she learned that John F. Kennedy Middle School would pivot to remote learning because of the pandemic. We had to figure out how to get students engaged online, which was already a focus in the brick-and-mortar setting. “We didn’t have the tools or the training,” explains … Read more

Attitudes About Homeschooling May Get Unexpected Boost From a Year of Remote Learning

Remote instruction may have raised acceptance of school that happens at home. STEM courses in higher education need labs, but that doesn’t mean labs are being used online. And the pandemic year has taken a toll on U.S. education conferences—all in this Edtech Reports Recap. Home Is Where the Homeschooling Is Could greater public approval … Read more

Hybrid Learning Not Making the Grade? Try These Smart Fixes

As educators gain more experience with hybrid and fully remote learning models, they’re optimizing classroom technology to meet their students’ needs. Teachers must have creative ways to actively engage their remote students, going beyond asynchronous teaching that simply sends recorded lessons to students’ home devices to watch on their own time. With collaborative technology tools, … Read more

How These Districts Prioritized Relationships and Social-Emotional Support During the Pandemic

When schools shuttered suddenly more than a year ago, teachers and staff scrambled to recreate their school communities as best they could in a virtual environment. And while teaching and learning is a central component, not to be overlooked are the other, auxiliary experiences: the relationships forged, the support services provided, the social-emotional needs met. … Read more

Is the Solution to College Zoom Fatigue … a Different Video Platform?

Just as the pandemic is loosening its grip and schools and colleges move back to in-person classes, new startups are offering video platforms they say do a better job for teaching than Zoom or other mass-market systems. One of the latest entrants is Engageli (pronounced, “engage-ly”), which a few months ago scored $14.5 million in … Read more