5 Tips To Design Talent Development Courses For HR Online Training

How To Design Talent Development Courses For HR Online Training Every aspirational organization needs a considered, actionable talent development strategy. It underpins business success by putting the right people in charge of the right decisions. Without a clearly communicated strategy, talent will either fail to walk through the door – or will walk out of … Read more

What Do Educators Need Now? Computational Thinking

Explore more from our featured blogger and other educators taking computational thinking to the next level in the new Ignite My Future in School Master Class! By Shakirah Thomas, Special Education Case Manager and 8th Grade U.S. History & ELAR at Jackson Intermediate from the Pasadena Independent School District The way we approach problems in … Read more

6 Tips To Create Winning Online Training Certification Courses For Remote Employees

How To Create Winning Online Training Certification Courses For Remote Employees Online training certification courses are usually more valued than standard online training experiences. Corporate learners have something tangible to show for their efforts, and this motivates them. Often, the physical evidence, in form of an online training certificate, functions as a key to new levels … Read more

5 Essential Elements Of Holistic Talent Development Online Training

Characteristics Of Successful Talent Development Online Training What’s your talent? Are you good at drawing, cooking, or running? Do you make friends easily, or remember everyone’s birthday? Talent is defined as a natural skill or aptitude, something you’re good at intrinsically. Once you identify your talent, you can enhance it with practice and training. Some talents … Read more

4 Ways to Build a Strong Professional Learning Network for Innovation and Growth

Problem solving is a key skill in teaching. But in the past year, especially, the problems in need of a solution seem to have grown exponentially. How do we teach kids online and in person at the same time? How do we build a strong community of learners when, in some cases, kids haven’t seen … Read more

Break Down Barriers with New Professional Learning Resources

When you’re empowered by game-changing new teacher tools, actively engaging your students is the easiest thing in the world! Unlock every student’s unique interests with the help of Discovery Education’s latest evidence-based professional learning resources. Ready, Set, RISE!Build a foundational understanding of trauma-informed education to help your students – and you – better manage stress … Read more

To the People Pushing Back on Culturally Responsive Teaching During Black History Month

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Posted Feb. 11, 2021

A war has been waging in my home state of Illinois, and the battle lines have been drawn. In one corner of the ring—the “uber…

Posted Feb. 10, 2021

Prior to COVID-19 upending American education, some state legislatures around the country considered moratoriums or “pauses” on public charter schools; while others, like in California,…

Posted Feb. 8, 2021

Although the United States has always had a diverse population, public school curricula are overwhelmingly built around a white, male perspective. Students are learning a…

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Remote Learning Is Here to Stay, Raising Concerns About Teacher Training and Data Privacy

Online learning efforts may remain even when the pandemic fades away. Teachers’ confidence wavers in using edtech for instruction. Perhaps (not) coincidentally, there is more spending forecast for education technology. All in this Edtech Reports Recap. More Remote Possibilities It’s clear that emergency remote instruction over the past year hasn’t been a pleasant experience for … Read more

6 Talent Development Online Training Activities For Cultivating Your In-House Talent

How To Cultivate Your In-House Talent With Talent Development Online Training Activities A successful business understands that their most valuable commodity is their staff. They also acknowledge the importance of ongoing development that allows employees to identify and utilize their skills more effectively. Doing so allows for an organization and its employees to grow, while also forming … Read more

Celebrate Black Changemakers Year-round with New Resources

Celebrate a continual story of progress and self-empowerment during Black History Month with Discovery Education resources to inspire tomorrow’s activists and innovators. Spark a year-long dialogue with your students about the many remarkable people, events, and accomplishments that continue to help shape our nation. Speak Truth to Power  Watch as author, commentator, and attorney Van … Read more