6 Tips To Impart Conflict Management Skills In Leadership Online Training

How To Define Conflict Management Skills In Leadership Online Training Sometimes, the office can feel like an extension of high school, with all the same cliques. You might continue the role you played in high school, or you may have re-invented yourself. The darker side of this situation is that colleagues often squabble, just like … Read more

SMEs: Evolution Or Revolution In A Post-Pandemic World?

Learning From The Past But Planning For The Future Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have been a fixture within the network of Instructional Designers for decades. Subject Matter Experts are the people to go to when Instructional Designers are tasked with creating learning experiences for employees that will result in higher ROI and increasingly improved performance … Read more

How to Effectively Use Common Planning Time

Spread the love In schools, common planning time refers to any period scheduled during the school day for several educators, or teams of educators, to work on grading and lesson planning. In most cases, common planning time is considered a form of professional development. Its primary purpose is to bring educators together to learn from … Read more

Education Research Is Still Too Dense. We Need More Teacher-Researcher Partnerships.

In April of 2021, a simple Google search for “Online Teaching Tips” yields more than half a billion results. Half a billion resources offering tips, tricks, guidance and expertise to educators who are eager to meet their students’ needs amidst very demanding circumstances. And while today’s unprecedented levels of educational challenge may merit equally unprecedented … Read more

Things to Do After You Are Admitted to Grad School

Spread the love So you’ve just been notified about your admission into grad school, and you are super excited. You had to put in the time and effort to gain admittance. You were also able to make it through the admission process, which is never easy. However, many applicants feel excited and surprised at the … Read more

eBook Release: What Should Learning And Development Professionals Be Preparing For Next?

How eLearning Is Transforming Training, Jobs, And Careers Learning professionals everywhere are preparing for the next big change. Preparation is always the key to success, and learning professionals need to prepare more than anyone. The digital learning environment has gone through some major shifts lately, and it is absolutely imperative for an organization to be … Read more

7 Tips To Foster Accountability And Self-Governance In Sales Online Training Courses

How To Foster Accountability And Self-Governance In Sales Online Training Courses The second you turn 18 in most corners of the globe, the state assumes you’re a responsible citizen. Of course, ‘responsible’ is a relative term. Whether it happens overnight or progressively during teenage, adults are assumed to be mature. The main aspect of their … Read more

Four Steps For The Professional Development Of Businesspeople

The business environment is a complicated area to traverse. Capitalism as we know it has created an environment that breeds competition and professional unfairness happens to be all around us. Merely knowing that someone else is ready to take our jobs on the slightest mistakes can keep even the most seasoned business individuals on edge. … Read more

Discovery Education & Partners Amplify Resources for Social-Emotional Learning

Discovery Education joins communities across the world to celebrate the importance of social-emotional learning by highlighting the new Social-Emotional Learning Center available in its award-winning K-12 learning platform. The Social-Emotional Learning Center presents a curated collection of hundreds of resources designed to support educators as they integrate SEL into core instruction and to help students … Read more

Empower Elementary Students to Build Life-long Body Confidence with New Activities and Lessons from Amazing Me 

The Dove Self-Esteem Project and Discovery Education have teamed up to deliver the best in social and emotional learning (SEL), health, and confidence-building resources for elementary educators. Amazing Me features a suite of classroom and family resources focused on building self-esteem, promoting positive body image, and countering bullying.  The all-new digital lesson bundles, classroom activities and professional learning resources are intended to help educators help students … Read more