Studying family life may offer insights into personalised learning

Personalised learning has been hailed as a way of helping all children reach similar levels of attainment. With much still to be learned about how teachers might individualise instruction, could studying family life provide some new insights? Writing in the Nature partner journal Science of Learning, researchers Sophie von Stumm and Jasmin Wertz recently suggested … Read more

How Training Fuels Adaptivity For Sales, Service, & Extended Enterprise

How Training Fuels Adaptivity For Remote Work Teams Learning is the ladder from mediocrity to adaptivity, and the best companies have already started climbing. Today, the only sure thing that companies can “plan for” is needing to be adaptive. It’s somewhat paradoxical – being prepared to be reactive – but it’s the true “new norm” … Read more

Creating A Personalized Employee Experience In A Hybrid Workplace

Personalized Coaching Is Key For Security Training In the past few weeks, we’ve seen Google, Salesforce, and other major employers say that remote work is now a fixture within their operations. This isn’t surprising as COVID-19 vaccinations are progressing at a solid pace, especially in the US, so most businesses adopt a hybrid workplace model as they … Read more

Celebrating World Autism Awareness

World Autism Awareness: How To Create Inclusive eLearning Experiences Autism spectrum disorder manifests itself in different ways. While some might have difficulty with social interactions, others exhibit repetitive behaviors or their senses are hypersensitive. Personalization is always the key to meaningful and memorable learning, but course developers and educators must always consider those with special … Read more

L&D In The New Normal: The Art And Discipline Of Adaptivity

The Discipline Of Adaptivity: Why Planning Ahead Isn’t Always The Best Approach The Coronavirus changed everything. More accurately, it changed everything, everyone, everywhere. No one was spared from the strangeness, the unequivocalness, and ultimately, the adaptivity required by a world of lockdowns, social distancing, mask wearing, and nearly all remote interaction. Adjustments had to be … Read more

How To Convert Your Classroom Training To Virtual Training

Convert Your Classroom Training: 3 Stress-Free Steps And 3 Mistakes To Avoid What do you want the learner to be able to do at the end of the e-learning course? Typically, it is not to be amazed by how many interactive features the developer was able to execute within the authoring tool. For example, if … Read more

Adaptivity Is The New Planning: Training Is At Its Core [eBook]

How To Adapt To Change And Continually Develop Your L&D Strategy The COVID crisis has taught us that we should always expect the unexpected. Most organizations never dreamed of moving their entire operation online and switching to telecommuting teams so quickly. However, it has also highlighted the importance of flexibility. The Adaptivity Is The New … Read more

eBook Release: Trainer’s Guide—Finding Success In Virtual Training

Tools To Launch A Personalized Virtual Training Program Talent development professionals have had to adapt to rapid change in the face of the COVID crisis. Workforces have moved online and many organizations have been forced to rethink their current L&D strategies. This guide can help you optimize the experience and convert your training resources to … Read more

7 False Assumptions That Most eLearning Professionals Make When Developing Personal Learning Paths

Common Personal Learning Paths Misconceptions Developing personal learning paths requires in-depth audience research so that you can individualize your eLearning content. Beyond that, things get a bit fuzzy for many eLearning professionals. They know that the ultimate goal is to facilitate meaning and help online learners bridge personal gaps. However, there’s more to developing these … Read more

The Ultimate List: 50 Strategies For Differentiated Instruction

Social Pulse by Terry Heick This post has been updated and republished Differentiation is a simple idea that’s less simple to actuate. Differentiation is a rational approach to meeting the needs of individual learners, but actually making it possible on a daily basis in the classroom can be a challenge. In ‘What Differentiation Is–And Is … Read more