Teacher Training: Catering To Gen Z And Beyond

How Teacher Training Needs To Embrace Technology Millennials were in their teens when the first iPhone was released. On the other hand, Gen Z grew up playing on their parents’ smartphones even before they had turned 3! Needless to say, such exposure to technology has influenced the way this generation interacts and learns. Also, when … Read more

Providing Just-In-Time Learning To Support eLearning

What Is Just-In-Time Learning? Just-in-time learning is an approach to teaching and learning that provides learners with information or activities focused on a specific topic or skill that is accessible whenever it is needed. This approach can be used in many ways to support learning. How Just-In-Time Learning Can Support Learners? Research has shown that … Read more

How To Reach Online Learners Smartly

Engaging Your Existing Online Learners In her article [1], Dayna Christians mentions that there are ways in which an online teacher can reach out to their students more promptly than perhaps in a physical environment. Dayna argues that people might assume technology is a hindrance when it comes to one-to-one classes, but on the contrary, … Read more

Taking Another Look At Engagement In Online Courses And Training Developed As A Result Of COVID

Why Is Engagement So Important To Learning, Especially Online? Engagement is the degree to which learners pay attention, participate, and put forth effort. One’s level of engagement directly impacts the individual’s ability and willingness to learn and be able to apply the presented information and skills [1]. If you have taught a course or provide … Read more

Roadmap To Adaptive Learning In The Wake Of COVID-19

Adaptive Learning Systems For Self-Led Learning For years researchers have spoken about the importance of a data-driven and non-linear approach, in some cases, to educational instruction and remediation. Otherwise known as adaptive learning, the benefits of this approach are endless. It allows for personalized learning pathways for students, leading to greater student engagement and positive … Read more

eLearning And The Future Of Education

Is eLearning The Future Of Education? eLearning has transformed education in both schools and businesses, making it easier for students and employees to learn at their own pace in an environment that suits them. When it comes to the future of education, it’s clear that eLearning will play a huge role in the delivery of … Read more

3 Keys To Effective Adult Online Instruction

Attention To Detail And Your Own Growth Are Crucial In 2020, “zoom” went from an occasionally used verb to an indispensable and capitalized (“Zoom”) communication fixture in our daily lives. Whether through that service or any other online platform, the instruction-and-learning process has clearly turned a corner. Even when we resume a semblance of normalcy, … Read more

To Post Or Not To Post? Faculty And Students Privacy Rights Concerns And Freedom Of Expression In eLearning And Remote Learning

An Exploration And Analysis To post or not to post is the “million-dollar” question for teachers, faculty, students, and educational practitioners who have successfully transitioned to eLearning and remote learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The First Amendment of the Constitution protects citizens’ rights to “freedom of religion, expression, assembly and the right … Read more

Top 10 Tips For Creating Effective eLearning For Kids

Why An Effective eLearning Experience Matters Kids are receptive to new technologies and can find learning from an eLearning experience engaging. So why do you need to focus on creating a top-quality eLearning experience for kids? Here are 3 reasons: MotivationThe best eLearning experiences for kids engage and motivate them to learn more. If you … Read more

The FCC Can Help End Digital Segregation Now by Expanding E-Rate

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