How To Deal With Objections To Corporate Training

You Have Built A Wonderful Business Case—Now Defend It Defending your corporate training initiatives from objections is one of the most important battles of your career. It happens all the time in the lives of L&D professionals. You have designed an amazing training initiative, you have all your training objectives covered, but then you need … Read more

eBook Release: Digital Learning Maturity In Your Organization

Growing Up Is Hard, But Maturing Is Harder Digital learning maturity is on the mind of every eLearning professional right now, but what exactly is it? Maturity, in general, is the measurement of the ability of an organization for continuous improvement in a particular discipline. The higher the maturity, the higher the chances will be … Read more

High-Impact Continual Learning And Tips For Integrating Learning Resources With An LXP To Personalize The Process

Use High-Impact Continual Learning To Help Your Learners Achieve Their Goals High-impact continual learning is a process, and offering our learners continual learning opportunities along the journey will help them beat the forgetting curve. And irrespective of the format, for training to be effective, it has to be aligned with the business objectives. Cascading learning … Read more

Using Organizational Maturity To Drive Results

The Importance Of Organizational Maturity Organizational maturity is key to achieving your goals. Knowing where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there is crucial. To enable your transformation and make your learning system more effective, the right maturity model can help you monitor and track your organization’s evolution. eBook Release … Read more

5 Tips To Make A Business Case For Offline Mobile Learning Support

How To Make A Business Case For Offline Mobile Learning Is a system with offline mobile learning support a sound investment? Once upon a time, everyone worked in an office, except for the sales team. They were given new products to sell every so often, and they came in once a year or so for … Read more

Training The Modern Learner: Delivery Strategies And Content Formats That Work

How Do Modern-Day Learners Like To Learn? From soft skills and technical training to on-the-job learning and compliance training, modern learners have drastically changed how they learn. Compared to yesteryears, today’s learning is more fast-paced, self-paced, more frequent, and more adaptive. Adult learners today use a comparatively richer variety of media to learn—videos, podcasts, games, … Read more