Are Mobile Learning Apps Changing Modern Education?

Changing Dynamics Of Learning Apps Ever since their incorporation into the world, mobile phones have changed the way we live. Today, we cannot imagine an existence without mobile phones. They have become almost an extension of our bodies. We cannot live without our smartphones for a few minutes, let alone an entire day. The effect … Read more

How Mobile Learning Apps Revolutionized The Education Sector

Mobile App Technology In The Education Industry The education sector has always been at the forefront of change and transformation. In more than one way, mobile technologies have played the role of game-changer in present-day educational sectors. The adoption of mobile learning apps and remote learning technologies has gained momentum in recent days, particularly following the … Read more

An L&D Manager's Mobile Learning Guide To Leveraging Personalized Content For Skills Training

How To Launch A Mobile Learning Strategy For Skills Development Mobile learning is all the rage, and for good reason. Modern learners expect training that travels with them and doesn’t confine them to a desk. Furthermore, greater accessibility allows them to broaden their educational horizons at a moment’s notice instead of having to chart their … Read more

5 Tips To Make A Business Case For Offline Mobile Learning Support

How To Make A Business Case For Offline Mobile Learning Is a system with offline mobile learning support a sound investment? Once upon a time, everyone worked in an office, except for the sales team. They were given new products to sell every so often, and they came in once a year or so for … Read more

Training The Modern Learner: Delivery Strategies And Content Formats That Work

How Do Modern-Day Learners Like To Learn? From soft skills and technical training to on-the-job learning and compliance training, modern learners have drastically changed how they learn. Compared to yesteryears, today’s learning is more fast-paced, self-paced, more frequent, and more adaptive. Adult learners today use a comparatively richer variety of media to learn—videos, podcasts, games, … Read more