4 Advanced Microlearning Strategies To Use In 2021

Top 4 Microlearning Strategies For 2021 Microlearning involves short, easily digestible learning nuggets that span between 3 to 6 minutes. These nuggets can be a part of a large repository or stand alone and are focused on specific learning outcomes that address specific topics or skills. Microlearning is not a new notion; it has been … Read more

An In-Depth Interview On How Learning Leaders Use MicroLearning Everyday

Microlearning For Learning Leaders: A Deep-Dive Into Daily Use Microlearning is no fad. It’s one of the most powerful tools in the toolbox of learning leaders who want to provide continuous opportunities for team members to develop their skills. It enables workers to learn new things every day, putting learning assets at their fingertips when … Read more

Gamification And Microlearning: The Ideal Combination To Deliver Excellent Online Training

Gamified Microlearning For Interactive Training Today, technology has drastically changed the way organizations train their employees. Gone are the days when organizations conducted endless, bland face-to-face training sessions with incomprehensible manuals. Traditional training methodologies like classroom-based learning have gradually given way to more modern learning strategies. Over the years, the eLearning market has experienced a … Read more

Retail Training: How A Retail Giant Put Microlearning Into Practice

A Microlearning For Retail Training Success Story It’s a common theme—lack of engagement and adoption. When a global retail company came to Inno-Versity, they were looking for a partner to help increase participation and implementation of their new team operational principles. These included topics such as creating project charters, meeting principles, continuous improvement tools, and … Read more

A Long-Term View On The Use Of Microlearning For Organizations

Thinking Through A Microlearning Strategy The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a sharp rise in the use of eLearning asynchronously and synchronously. Classes were and are held on various platforms via Zoom and Teams, to name a few, as teachers continue to engage their students as best they can in their learning during and outside class … Read more

6 Go-To Strategies To Transform Your Recorded VILT Sessions Into Engaging Microlearning Modules

Why Should You Transform Your Recorded VILT Sessions Into Microlearning Modules? Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) comes with some legacy “learning baggage” (including lengthy recordings) that may not be appropriate to address all of the remote learning challenges today. Microlearning helps overcome many of those challenges and offers greater learner engagement and better knowledge transference. Both … Read more

How A Global Manufacturing Company Has Made MicroLearning The Core Of Its Learning Program

Microlearning For Manufacturing Training: How It Solved A Global Company’s L&D Challenges Spending a lot of money on an eLearning content that was rarely accessed and never implemented is costly in terms of both budget and morale. Unfortunately, this is too often the story Inno-Versity hears from its’ clients. This case study highlights the perks … Read more

eBook Release: How To Bring Microlearning Theory To Practice

Tips For L&D Professionals On How To Use Microlearning The concept of microlearning is not new. It has been around forever, and we have all experienced instances of being taught with the aid of microlearning. For example, kindergarten teachers apply microlearning practices to teach new words and concepts to young children. How do they do … Read more

Microlearning Case Study: How A National Research Institute Uses Micro Content In Training

A Case Study On Microlearning For Training Purposes Updating years-old eLearning content to be more engaging isn’t a new challenge. Yet when a grant-funded organization that supports law-enforcement agencies approached Inno-Versity, they did bring several unique challenges. Let’s explore all the benefits in this microlearning case study. eBook Release How To Bring Microlearning Theory To … Read more

Is It Important To Add Microlearning To Your Learning?

7 Benefits Of Microlearning However, is it vital to add microlearning to eLearning training? What are the benefits of microlearning? In this article, you’ll learn the importance of microlearning, and how it can help you to improve your eLearning training programs. Apart from the fact that microlearning breaks long courses into short and focused chunks, … Read more