How Microlearning Enhances The Onboarding Experience

Enhancing The Onboarding Experience With Microlearning Microlearning is a power-packed learning strategy, completely suited to modern learners, providing them with short, concentrated just-in-time learning. In addition to being used in actual L&D, microlearning is also a great tool to onboard new employees. However, in order to do that, you will have to implement microlearning properly, … Read more

Why And How To Use Microlearning To Train Customer-Facing Staff

4 Ways To Apply Microlearning To Your Training Customer-facing employees represent your brand, so it pays to keep them well-equipped. But their busy, fast-paced jobs make taking time out for training difficult. Microlearning is a solution for ensuring you get them the right training at the right time. Training needs vary when you’re talking about … Read more