Students Are Struggling. They’re Asking Us to Slow Down and Focus on Relationships.

A little more than a year ago, I remember sitting in meetings trying to figure out how we might do remote learning for a week or so to contain the novel coronavirus. I cringe now realizing that we were so incredibly short-sighted. Of course, hindsight is often crystal clear. That extended spring break ultimately was … Read more

How Library Closures Hurt Adult Learners as Kids Doubled Down on Digital Reading

Library closures hit patrons hard—especially those who relied on them as their main internet source and used them to access online educational resources. Teachers cite the challenges of remote instruction as a top reason for leaving their jobs during the pandemic. And kids double down on digital reading—all in this Edtech Reports Recap. Libraries Close, … Read more

Yes, Audiobooks Are Real Reading. Here Are the Best Ones for Kids.

Tucked in, snuggled up, I still remember the hours I spent listening to my mother read aloud “The Hobbit.” I must have been about 8-years-old, and while I was a pretty strong reader, the complexity of that text (and certainly its length) would have made the story inaccessible to me. I hung on every word, … Read more

In the Darkness, There Is Light: 6 Books That Shine Hope for Students and Teachers

2020 was such a dark year. For me, the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine created a pinprick of light at the end of a very long tunnel. Finally, I found hope. And what a lift it gave my soul! That glimmer of light helped me navigate a heavy holiday season diminished by the missing traditions … Read more