6 Ways To Motivate Students Cognitively During Summer Break

How To Motivate Students During Summer Break contributed by Dr. Pamela Roggeman, academic dean at the University of Phoenix College of Education For decades, we have romanticized the idea of children taking the summer off to enjoy warm weather, summer camps and family vacations. Should we rethink summer learning loss? Considering recent (and current) events … Read more

The Simplest Way To Slow The Summer Slide

by Terry Heick Like every year, there’s a lot of dialogue right now about the dreaded summer slide. Of course, this year is different than any in recent memory, and so the whole context of it changes. These arguments about how to slow the ‘summer slide’ usually include scary statistics, technology layers, and socioeconomic concerns. … Read more

Rethinking Learning Loss: When Students Don’t Use What They Learn

by Terry Heick With so much else to do and a subsequent loss of academic structure, most research shows children read less in the summer. How much less depends (you’ll read that word a lot in this post) on age, income level, geographical region, and other factors. And how much of a bad thing you … Read more

“Students learn how to behave online”

Minecraft is fun – but it’s also a useful tool for teachers. Swiss teacher Stefan Huber’s students explore complex issues while also reflecting on their online behavior. Caroline Smrstik Gentner: What led you to start using Minecraft in your lessons? Stefan Huber: During the first Covid-19 lockdown in spring 2020, I felt that we were … Read more

Harnessing hope to improve children’s lives

Hope is more than a warm and fuzzy feeling. During our darkest days, hope allows us to imagine a brighter future for ourselves and helps us cope with difficulties and uncertainty. Hope is a source of psychological strength that appears to have concrete benefits. In a seminal paper on hope, researchers noted that high levels … Read more

6 Instructional Strategies That Challenge And Support Students

A teaching strategy is anything the teacher does or facilitates to help students learn. So while formal teaching strategies like ‘Reciprocal Teaching’ and ‘Station Teaching’ are often thought of when considering these kinds of strategies, something as simple as ‘being clear,’ making eye contact, or even holding class outside could be considered a teaching strategy. … Read more

What Is Necessary For Learning?

What is necessary for learning? Not much, according to Sugata Mitra, Professor of Educational Technology at Newscastle University in England. In fact, it can be reduced to three ingredients.Mitra has compelling credibility here, obviously. His hole-in-the-wall project in 2007 generated tremendous interest when he showed that children could indeed learn complex tasks in the absence of formal … Read more

Studying family life may offer insights into personalised learning

Personalised learning has been hailed as a way of helping all children reach similar levels of attainment. With much still to be learned about how teachers might individualise instruction, could studying family life provide some new insights? Writing in the Nature partner journal Science of Learning, researchers Sophie von Stumm and Jasmin Wertz recently suggested … Read more