Sustainability Of Workplace Learning: The Role Of Soft Skills

The Future Of Work Is Human A large proportion of workplace learning is developing specific substance skills and competencies, or hard skills. However, as technological advancements, digitalization, and continuous change transform and increase the demands of work, the key to future success is to strengthen the type of skills that maximize what the workforce is … Read more

Think About It: Why Examining Your Assumptions Is Critical To Intentional Practice

Why Critical Reflection Is Anything But Optional “We teach who we are [1].” As I read this phrase from Parker Palmer’s book The Courage to Teach, my thoughts were simultaneously “Yes!” and “Oh no…” I have seen this truth in my own practice again and again. When I take the time to ask, “Why did … Read more

Connect Business And Employee Needs With A Training Needs Analysis

Thoughtful Training Develops Better Employees Developing a new employee training program or renewing an existing training program is a big effort in play at many companies. However, these efforts often fail to meet either the business needs or the employee needs or both. Why? While most training efforts have some learning development budget, they often … Read more

How Mobile Learning Apps Revolutionized The Education Sector

Mobile App Technology In The Education Industry The education sector has always been at the forefront of change and transformation. In more than one way, mobile technologies have played the role of game-changer in present-day educational sectors. The adoption of mobile learning apps and remote learning technologies has gained momentum in recent days, particularly following the … Read more

How Learning Actually Works In The Real World

Facilitating The Learning Process If you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading my interview on “Why Content Aggregation is NOT the Answer to the Skills Gap” with Fuse Product Director Rhys Giles, I highly recommend it. Rhys delivered a lot of insight and helped me to understand why LXPs’ approach to skills is not … Read more

When It Comes To “Good” Writing, Who's Right?

How To Make Your Writing Serve Your Audience A few years ago when I was attending a conference in Germany, I was asked to join the event communications team. They needed a first-language English speaker to edit their content. No problem, I thought. Well, I was wrong. Most of the articles I needed to edit had … Read more

Feedback Alternatives To Make eLearning More Empowering

Make The Virtual Classroom Feel More Connective Although eLearning can provide personalized responses to students’ work, the grading system is still relatively black and white. After taking an online assessment, a question is either right or wrong, with no response as to what the student should work on to improve in the future. Although we … Read more