The High Cost Of Free: 6 Unexpected Drawbacks Of An Open Source LMS

Open Source LMS: 6 Expenses That Hide Behind A Free Platform There’s a saying: if you’re enjoying something for free, then you’re the product. It even applies to social media users on free platforms. LMS is an organization’s L&D digital hub, running everything from onboarding online training to performance management. Netizens are aware that for … Read more

LMSs Under Threat By SUSs: “Sustainable Upskilling Solutions”

Caution: Potential Hard-To-Swallow Realities Ahead If 2020 taught organizations one thing, then it was the fundamental importance of adapting to disruption. COVID-19 effectively halted the world overnight, after which organizations had to speedily find creative solutions to many problems, including Learning and Development. In light of the previous, one of the challenges of 2021 (and … Read more

5 Surefire Ways To Use An LMS For Your Customer Retention Strategies

Customer Retention Strategies: Using A Customer Education LMS To Build Trust Do your customer retention strategies establish trust and foster long-term business growth? How likely are customers to use your product in the long term and spread the word about their experience? An LMS helps create targeted customer training to improve customer retention rates. Self-driven … Read more

How You Can Improve Customer Experience With A Customer Training Platform

Loyal customers are the lifeblood of EVERY successful organization. Thus, it’s essential to focus on how you can enhance CE to retain your existing customers. Not to mention, win new ones to continually expand your base. Surveys show that customer experience is the leading priority for businesses. The reason for this is simple; brands that … Read more

LMS Migration In 3 Easy Steps

Migrating From Google Learning Tools To A New LMS It’s a little-known fact that when your training department is just starting out, especially at a small to medium-sized company, that buying a Learning Management System (LMS) may be a prohibitive expense. Many times, fledgling departments will utilize cloud platforms and jury-rig them to fit training … Read more

How Learning Actually Works In The Real World

Facilitating The Learning Process If you haven’t already had the pleasure of reading my interview on “Why Content Aggregation is NOT the Answer to the Skills Gap” with Fuse Product Director Rhys Giles, I highly recommend it. Rhys delivered a lot of insight and helped me to understand why LXPs’ approach to skills is not … Read more

LMS Report Scheduling: Everything Admins Need To Know

How LMS Report Scheduling Makes The Job Of An LMS Admin Easier During every LMS pitch, stakeholders are sold on the idea that reporting against skills and learning targets will be at their fingertips. No longer will they have to wait for information regarding the uptake of corporate eLearning courses, essential to reaching compliance targets. … Read more

5 Overlooked Benefits Of Investing In A Multilingual LMS

Why You Should Invest In A Multilingual LMS Generally, when someone tells you to ‘learn the language’, it’s not from a positive point. ‘The language’ is mostly English, but it could apply to any dominant tongue, whether it’s Portuguese or Swahili. Still, there is a lot of benefit in letting people study in whichever language … Read more

Best LMS Solutions Of 2021

Best Learning Management Solutions Let’s face the fact: online learning is replacing the full-time form of acquiring knowledge. Public universities and corporate schools alike use Learning Management System (LMS) software to remain efficient in the remote mode. And despite the criticism, this trend is here to stay. Let’s see how today’s eLearning software is made … Read more