6 Questions To Ask Before Investing In A Learning Management System

What You Should Ask Before Investing In A LMS The LMS, at any business, fulfills multiple roles. You use it to develop online training materials, but it also serves administrative functions. You can use your LMS for tracking office tasks, onboarding new workers, maintaining personnel files, and staff appraisals. If you end up with the … Read more

7 Top Benefits Of Investing In A Healthcare LMS For Your Medical Team

Investing In A Healthcare LMS: Benefits For Your Medical Team Medical staff requires unique skill sets and a vast amount of experience. Part of the job is learning by doing. Tending to patients with diverse diagnoses and giving them the best level of care. So, how do you prep employees for work-related challenges without putting … Read more

6 Secrets To Evaluate LMS User Experience Before Buying New Software

Tips To Evaluate LMS User Experience Before Purchasing New Software How many times have you made a purchase, only to regret it a moment later? Or maybe the week after, when you realize the product isn’t all it’s cracked to be. Maybe the salesperson oversold its benefits. Or you don’t use most of the features … Read more

The Differences Between A K-12 And University LMS, And Why They Should Stick Around

Definition Of LMS LMSs or “learning management systems” are a kind of software that was designed with online learning in mind. The specialized software aims to make the online learning experience run as smoothly as possible while helping students learn in ways that work best for them. The Different LMS Software Options Not all K-12 … Read more

7 Unexpected Benefits Of Investing In An LMS With Built-In Survey Engine

Benefits Of Investing In An LMS With Built-In Survey Engine You Should Consider There is a multitude of reasons for gathering survey data. From fine-tuning your eLearning course design and pinpointing areas for improvement to identifying how much your online learners know so that you can cover the essentials without being redundant. In fact, survey … Read more

4 Ways Automated Education Is Elevating eLearning

How Automation Is Changing Education In 2021 eLearning is an effective way to help workforces get the skills they need, especially as circumstances evolve and require new knowledge. Applying automation to eLearning initiatives can help them be even more effective. Here are 4 advantages of taking this approach. 1. Helping Employers Monitor Progress When company … Read more

5 Tips To Find An LMS With Advanced Data Security Measures (GDPR Edition)

Advanced Data Security Measures: How To Find An LMS That Is GDPR Compliant GDPR is touted as ‘the most important regulation change in years’. Or ‘the strictest privacy rules ever implemented’. It streamlines legal data protection rules throughout the EU. The same law now applies to all 28 members, and by extension, to any international … Read more

6 Tips To Ensure That Your LMS Vendor’s Data Center Security Meets Your Standards

How To Ensure Your LMS Vendor’s Data Center Security Meets Your Standards When you own (or rent) a home, car, or property, you apply safety measures. You might install CCTV, buy motion sensors, or invest in alarms. You’ll also put locks on the doors and windows. But what if your security measures are so generic … Read more

Does Your LMS Do This? 10 Top LMS Features Missing From Your Current Platform

Which Top LMS Features Your Current Platform Is Missing Learning Management Systems are an integral part of your online training program. But the wrong choice can lead to wasted online training resources and ineffective implementation. Your organization must have a Learning Management System that offers everything on your checklist to warrant the investment. And it’s … Read more

6 Tips For Choosing The Best LMS With AD/LDAP Integration Support

LMS With AD/LDAP Integration: Benefits And 6 Must-Have Features That Secure Your Sensitive Data Single Sign-On (SSO) can make a big difference in LMS adoption, as well as security. Active Directory, or the open-source version, LDAP, are key enablers to SSO. Why is all of this technical jargon important to you when choosing an LMS? … Read more