Providing Just-In-Time Learning To Support eLearning

What Is Just-In-Time Learning? Just-in-time learning is an approach to teaching and learning that provides learners with information or activities focused on a specific topic or skill that is accessible whenever it is needed. This approach can be used in many ways to support learning. How Just-In-Time Learning Can Support Learners? Research has shown that … Read more

4 Skills That Every L&D Professional Needs In The Post-Pandemic World

Valuable Skills Every L&D Professional Needs COVID has caused devastating effects on the globe, both in terms of loss of human lives and economic slowdown. However, ironically, most of us will also acknowledge that there has never been a more exciting time for the L&D community than today. Initiated by the pandemic and accelerated by … Read more

9 Strategies To Deliver Great Learner Experiences And Learning Experiences In Your L&D Programs

What Is The Learner Experience? The world has seen an expansion into virtual working and learning. If you ask typical eLearners what their “experience” has been with a course, they’ll likely talk about what they learned and how much they liked (or disliked!) what was taught. This feedback is a binary way of expressing their … Read more

Learning Is Always The Answer… Except When It Isn't

When Training Is Not The Answer As Learning and Development practitioners, situations arise where someone brings us an issue and has already decided that training is the answer. Depending upon the seniority of the person you are dealing with, your relationship with them, and their willingness to be persuaded, it may not be easy to … Read more

Unlocking Learning Mindsets To Boost Capability Development In The New Normal

Boosting Capability Development In 2021 Prioritizing employee Learning and Development has never been more important than today, not only on a professional level but also in terms of personal development, mental health and wellbeing, and the overall progression of one’s career and path. Albeit forced on to us by the global pandemic, digital learning continues … Read more

10 Rules Of Etiquette For Purveyors Of Learning & Development Programs

Sir Lennington’s Rules Of Etiquette For L&D Professionals Dear Reader, Etiquette is an art not lost on those who strive for excellence and the highest regard from one’s peers and for one’s self. It is a skill of gentility, a decorum of conduct, which honed over time becomes a form of generosity bestowed upon one’s … Read more

Workplace Learning: 4 Areas Of Focus

Skills Are Not Enough Learning is like breathing. Yes, breathing is essential. No, it is not limited to yoga and meditation. What thoughts come to your mind reflecting on the sentences above? We’ll come back to the statement later. Workplace Learning Beyond 2020 This article explores the future of workforce development and workplace learning as … Read more

Sir Lennington's Handbook Of L&D Etiquette And Manners [eBook]

L&D Etiquette And Manners For Discerning eLearning Connoisseurs Who says that chivalry is dead. In the L&D sector, it’s alive and kicking thanks to Sir Lennington, the foremost expert on all things eLearning. From implementation to visual design, this eBook addresses the most common development challenges with a dose of humor. You’ll learn how to … Read more

Lifelong L&D: How To Develop A Learning Culture To Support Modern Work Environments [eBook]

Secrets To Create A Continuous Learning Culture In Employee Training Every successful employee training program is founded on a solid learning culture. Employees should have the opportunity to make mistakes, learn from them, and hone their talents at every stage of the journey. So, how do you develop a continuous learning culture to support your … Read more

Back To Normal? Not Gonna Happen! — Part 2

Changing How We Learn And Work If you read my last article, “Going Back To Normal? Not Going To Happen!” you’ll note that I’m exceptionally confident we’re not going back to the way it once was. Why would anyone want it to? And if you’re hoping it does, then you’re setting yourself up for a … Read more