Choosing The Right Training Evaluation Model To Measure Against Employee Performance Goals

Training Evaluation: The LTEM Model And How It Helps Measure Employee Performance Goals The four-step model known in popular shorthand simply as ‘Kirkpatrick’ has come in for heavy criticism in some quarters. But research tells us it is still the evaluation methodology most widely used by learning professionals. Kirkpatrick is very far from being the … Read more

Tackling The Big Data Challenges: 5 Bear-Traps In Learning Analytics (And How To Avoid Them)

Research over the past few years has shown that while learning analytics and data are seen as a critical focus area for learning and development, learning professionals are not confident in their data skills and see big data challenges ahead as they respond to calls from the business to be more data-driven. Where are the … Read more

6 Steps For A Faster Employee Onboarding Process With Microlearning And Data Analytics

How To Achieve A Faster Employee Onboarding Process With the current economic climate forcing an accelerated shift to remote work, tools, and technologies that allow remote teams to work efficiently are fast becoming an organizational priority. However, the growing need to efficiently onboard new workers with solutions that do not require them to be in … Read more

Taking Data To The Business: Learning Analytics And Your Organization

What Is Learning Analytics And How Can You Use It To Achieve Business Objectives? With more and more heads of L&D reporting that their top team wants a data-driven approach from them, and learning analytics moving to front and center of the new L&D skillset, it becomes really important to answer this question: how should … Read more

Changing Behavior Through Microlearning

Achieving The Most Coveted Result From Your Learning Behavioral change is the biggest indicator of successful learning and is the hardest to achieve. In the case of soft skills training, compliance training, even sales training, a behavioral change should be the expected output and not just completion of the training. Two things have always led … Read more

Leveraging Learner And Course Evaluation Data

Course Evaluations: Where Do I Start? If possible, you want to design your course with your learners in mind. A few eLearning Industry articles talk about what to do when designing your eLearning or online course (of course, a simple search will provide you with more resources). While developing a course with your learners in … Read more