A Bad Employee Or A Bad Week?

What’s Going On When A Learner Refuses To Learn? On a humid summer evening, George Williams was clocked at 78 mph in a 35 mph zone. He ran four red lights as the police followed him. He finally stopped, leaped out of his car, and ran into a building. What do you think of George … Read more

Instructional Design Through The Lens Of Rapid eLearning

Instructional Design And Rapid eLearning I was a first-generation Instructional Designer with a love for teaching and PowerPoint eight years ago. The whole process of understanding content and chunking it, selecting the strategy, setting learning objectives, framing assessments, selecting visuals, and designing the storyboard fascinated me. It was very satisfying to receive feedback from the … Read more

Top 10 Tips For Creating Effective eLearning For Kids

Why An Effective eLearning Experience Matters Kids are receptive to new technologies and can find learning from an eLearning experience engaging. So why do you need to focus on creating a top-quality eLearning experience for kids? Here are 3 reasons: MotivationThe best eLearning experiences for kids engage and motivate them to learn more. If you … Read more

How GIFs Can Take Your eLearning To The Next Level

Using GIFS To Teach And Boost Engagement As Instructional Designers, we’re always looking for new ways to take our eLearning courses to the next level. Whether it’s through animation, visuals, audio, or gamification, the end goal is always to boost engagement and smash those learning goals. We all know the advantages of using multimedia in … Read more

Celebrating World Autism Awareness

World Autism Awareness: How To Create Inclusive eLearning Experiences Autism spectrum disorder manifests itself in different ways. While some might have difficulty with social interactions, others exhibit repetitive behaviors or their senses are hypersensitive. Personalization is always the key to meaningful and memorable learning, but course developers and educators must always consider those with special … Read more

Text-To-Speech For L&D Pros: The Next Frontier Of Storytelling [eBook]

Next-Level Employee Engagement: How To Use Text-To-Speech In Your L&D Strategy Text-to-speech tools give you the ability to create engaging, entertaining, and emotionally-centered eLearning experiences. But how do you incorporate AI voiceovers into your online training course design? Are there any features you should look for in TTS software? This eBook has all the information … Read more

How To Achieve True Interactivity In Your Online Course

How To Achieve True Interactivity Learners are better able to engage in courses in which they can explore and learn at their own pace. More so, learners love eLearning professionals that react fast to the latest trends like this. Interactivity is highly crucial to online courses, but how do you achieve true interactivity in online … Read more

How To Make eLearning Smooth And Engaging: Tips And Tools

Experience-Based Tips For Engaging Asynchronous eLearning Today, distance education is the topic of the hour. Global pandemics stated this issue quite sharply; students and teachers were forced to accept new rules immediately and quickly adapt to a new format. Making the eLearning environment productive and engaging is a matter of strategy. Let’s be honest, engaging … Read more

5 Unconventional Ways To Incorporate Immersive Learning Into Your eLearning Course Design

How To Incorporate Immersive Learning Resources Into Your eLearning Course Design Immersive learning resources are a good fit for ANY eLearning experience. Adult learners (and some teens) eventually recall something all nursery school teachers know: song lyrics are easier than facts. Teachers of young kids know this intrinsically – hence the Alphabet Song. It’s probably … Read more

When It Comes To “Good” Writing, Who's Right?

How To Make Your Writing Serve Your Audience A few years ago when I was attending a conference in Germany, I was asked to join the event communications team. They needed a first-language English speaker to edit their content. No problem, I thought. Well, I was wrong. Most of the articles I needed to edit had … Read more