Is Starting A Tutoring Business A Good Idea?

Is Tutoring A Viable Business? The education industry is the one sector that has one of the highest ROI percentages compared to any other sector. And currently, the online education market has become a booming industry especially ever since the worldwide closure of all educational institutions due to the widespread corona pandemic. Although online courses … Read more

Mobile Apps: How They've Changed Education

So Much Available At Every Student’s Fingertips Mobile apps have been aiding education for a while now, but COVID-19 has made it even more obvious. In 2019, no one would have imagined schools would have to shut down in 2020 as a result of the virus. But thanks to mobile apps, while school buildings had … Read more

Why Students Should Insist On Remote Test Proctoring

Proctors Speak Up For Students And Stop Cheaters For most students, tests are stressful. When you add potential worries about technology such as losing an internet connection or software glitches, taking tests remotely can feel even more stressful. That can be true. At the same time, some students think that online proctoring—the remote monitoring of … Read more

Human Nature Influenced By Technology: Part 2

Issues About Resisting Change In Part 1, the background of human nature was discussed with the view that technology has played a part in polarizing people’s views. Ideas are rapidly spread with amazing speed through social media platforms and have led to extremist positions and human conflicts. A holistic approach to education is needed to … Read more

Fun Virtual “Circle Time” Ideas For Preschoolers

Online Learning And Preschoolers As COVID-19 continues to surge throughout the US, many preschool and child care programs are working hard to meet the needs of children and families, whether they’re able to see them in person or need to switch to remote interactions for a period of time. On the whole, child care settings … Read more

Human Nature Influenced By Technology: Part 1

Issues About Resistance To Change The rapid rise of technology, integrated into most aspects of life, has accelerated during the pandemic to produce polarized views and human conflicts. The article explains these in regard to human history and behavior, and Part 2 advocates a holistic approach to education which technology can assist. Human Factors Literature, … Read more