Your Guide To Cognitive Load Theory And Learning

Why Is It Important To Employee Training? One of the biggest challenges in designing and delivering effective employee training is not the content. You are a professional, with deep wells of knowledge. It’s not even time or resources—one might be limited, but the other is flexible and can be maneuvered to meet your needs. Your … Read more

eBook Release | The Future Of Work: The Role Of Instructional Design In Converting VILT To eLearning In 2021

What Part Does Instructional Design Play In Successful eLearning Programs? What is the role of Instructional Design and how can it help your organization support telecommuting teams? The pandemic has shifted the L&D focus and businesses must devise new ways to connect with remote workers and provide engaging eLearning experiences. Fortunately, with the right tools … Read more

How To Incorporate The Laws Of UX With Designing Learning Experiences

The Laws Of User/Learner Experience When you understand the way people think and process information, you then can design and develop learning experiences that have an impactful outcome and result in the desired change. As Instructional Designers, we focus on structuring content that’s conducive to learning. Centering the content around the learners opens the door … Read more

Workforce Development: Reflection (Learning By Doing, Learning By Thinking)

Think Again: Highlighting And Underlining Change of any kind starts with re-examining how we know things and re-evaluating assumptions. Adam Grant has many examples about questioning how we know things in his latest book, Think Again!. Sometimes thinking again saves lives, other times it saves time or mental effort, as in the case of learning … Read more

Solutions To Common Custom Training Development Mistakes

Tips For Better Instructional Design So, you’ve decided to create a custom training program for your employees rather than trying to fit an off-the-shelf solution to your unique organizational challenges. Chances are high that this option is more of an investment, but custom training development gives you several advantages over the off-the-shelf variety. Tailored trainingBecause … Read more

Everything eLearning Pros Need To Know About Human-Centered Instructional Design

Human-Centered Instructional Design: 5 Must-Know Tips For eLearning Professionals You may have heard the joke about product design vs marketing. Developers come up with an idea. Marketers convince you their product was built just for you. This isn’t always the case. Often the designer’s creation was intended to meet their own requirements. Or maybe it … Read more

Busting 8 Common eLearning Template Myths

Common eLearning Template Myths And The Truth Behind Them Some eLearning professionals avoid eLearning templates like the plague. It’s not that they don’t want to save time and avoid starting from scratch. What’s preventing them from using pre-built layouts are misconceptions. That eLearning templates are the ‘lazy’ route or that they lack the necessary skills … Read more