Higher Education And Online Learning

What Can We Learn From The COVID-19 Pandemic? Currently, we are experiencing the global COVID-19 pandemic, and educational systems worldwide face a gigantic crisis. Yet, the pandemic leaves no other option for students in higher education to do anything but online learning. Introduction The first COVID-19 case was reported in December 2019, but the world … Read more

Pursuing a Career in Organizational Psychology

Spread the love Organizational Psychology is the study of behavior in the workplace. Professionals who work in this field study the employees’ behavior, focusing on how these behaviors affect the operations of a company or organization. The end goal is to improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. Among companies and organizations, there is … Read more

Career Opportunities for Trade School Graduates

Spread the love Trade schools provide technical skills to pursue a specific occupation. Once a person completes a course, they are awarded a certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree. Trade schools are often overlooked when preparing to enter the job market. This is unfortunate because it is a cost-efficient and practical path to any career and … Read more

What’s the Right Price for an Online Degree?

I recently came upon a pair of contradictory articles about what colleges will be charging for tuition next academic year: One reporting that Ohio State University found reasons last month to nearly double its online tuition, and another noting that some colleges are in a race to lower tuition. So I wondered: What compels some … Read more

The College Program Attracting — and Retaining — Black Male Teachers

When Alphonso Richard Jr. walked into his first teacher education course at Clemson University, he experienced a shock. “Being in a class where you’re the only male, I didn’t know where to sit,” he says. “Girls were looking like, ‘Oh my goodness, is that a guy in here?’” Compounding the confusion: Most women in the … Read more

How Colleges Can Support More Students Using the Power of Peers

When Nathaan Demers worked as a counselor on a college campus, he juggled a caseload of at least 60 students—with only 20 clinic hours a week. “The math just doesn’t work out,” he says. It’s an imbalanced equation replicated widely throughout higher education. Students facing complex personal circumstances and systemic barriers to opportunity need support … Read more

Optimize Your Student Data As An Agent For Change

Creating Comprehensive, Accessible Data Student data is like the words on a page of a book; its black and white text might not look like much at first glance, but it tells a unique and intricate story. Conveying that story in vivid color to stakeholders is an important job with the potential to improve student … Read more

Online Learning Is Not the Enemy

After a challenging and unique year of emergency remote learning, I recently spoke with a group of faculty members new to online teaching to learn more about their experiences. While no two educators ever face identical challenges, I heard the same refrains over and over. The first won’t come as a surprise to anyone: The … Read more

16 Strategies to Help Students Who Have Trouble Finding the Main Idea and Topic Sentence

Spread the love Are you looking for strategies to help students who have trouble finding the main idea and topic sentence? If so, keep reading. 1. Make sure the learner knows that the first sentence of a paragraph should always be considered as a possible topic sentence and main idea. 2. Make sure the learner … Read more