By Putting Tensions on Stage, Colleges Aim to Change Campus Culture

The new professor had a choice. He arrived early to a meeting to discover a senior faculty member lying in ambush, armed with a crude joke and disparaging words for a researcher—a woman—who’d applied for a job in their department. An angel appeared at the young man’s side, encouraging him to disrupt the distasteful monologue. … Read more

Item Analysis and Other Exam Design Principles

Spread the love Exams are an essential tool that assesses various factors such as mastery of content, acquisition of knowledge and skills, among others. In schools, most exams are used to assess how much students have learned within a given period. Tests are useful because it gives a teacher some insight as to how much … Read more

Are You a Digital Threat to Your College? Read This to Find Out

There are approximately 3,700 higher ed institutions in the U.S. There are about 1,329,900 teachers employed by these institutions. Add in roughly 144,880 administrators, and that means nearly 1.5 million post-secondary educators are at risk of losing their jobs today by performing one single act: Posting on social media. Around the world there were 4.20 … Read more

How to Understand Percentiles

Spread the love Standardized tests are quite common. If you are a student, then you must have encountered them one way or another.  Some examples include an aptitude test, an intelligence test, the SAT, or GRE. Once you’ve taken these, you will be sent a report about your scores for each section of the test. … Read more

Get Equipped For Success: Digital Learning In Higher Education

Succeeding With Digital Learning In Higher Education Online higher education was gaining strides long before the pandemic ushered in a new era of remote work and learning. In many aspects, academia was far ahead of other industries in terms of online learning, but that doesn’t mean last year’s massive transition was all smooth sailing. The … Read more

2U, Guild Education Partner to Expand Online Education for Adult Workers

Employee training programs are usually among the first on the chopping block as companies tighten their belts during a typical economic downturn. But the current crisis is anything but, and an increasingly remote workforce will only accelerate the need for new skills and habits to keep companies running. That’s the consensus among the leading consultant … Read more

Remote Work May Transform Higher Education. But Will Printers and Alexa Undermine Its Privacy?

An “uber trend” of remote work for higher education information security is coming, at a time when more connections are being forged between higher ed and other state data. Plus: printers, smart speakers and privacy (oh my!) — all in this Edtech Reports Recap. That Horizon Seems to Be … Closer “Higher education may never … Read more

Is Technology A Blessing Or A Curse For Learning?—Part 2

Learning And Technology: The Student Experience We may think that all students are happy having technology as their learning companion. Britain, together with Chile, spends more time on screens compared to other nations (Sage & Matteucci, 2019). In a study of 100 students at the University of Leicester, 3 spent 14 hours daily on devices—watching … Read more

Is Technology A Blessing Or A Curse For Learning?—Part 1

Technology And Learning: The Teacher Experience This two-part article discusses both teacher and student experiences of using technology in education at all levels. The modern global world depends on advanced technology for communication and progress, so it is important that students are adept at using tools for acquiring and applying knowledge needed in life and … Read more