Nurturing Modern Learners With Modern Learning Technologies [eBook]

How To Nurture Today’s Learners With The Right Learning Technologies The COVID crisis prompted many organizations to rethink not only their business strategies but employee development programs. How could they provide individualized support with their current ILT approach? Would they be able to identify emerging talent and offer upskilling and reskilling opportunities to their (now) … Read more

5-Phase New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template

How To Make A New Employee Onboarding Checklist – Your All-In-One Template One goal of onboarding is to get new employees comfortable and feeling like they’re part of your company’s culture from the moment they sign their offer letter, because that’s when their onboarding experience truly starts. You probably already have a checklist of things … Read more

Providing Just-In-Time Learning To Support eLearning

What Is Just-In-Time Learning? Just-in-time learning is an approach to teaching and learning that provides learners with information or activities focused on a specific topic or skill that is accessible whenever it is needed. This approach can be used in many ways to support learning. How Just-In-Time Learning Can Support Learners? Research has shown that … Read more

Next-Level CX: Product Knowledge Training Strategies For Customer Service Teams

Launch Successful Product Knowledge Training Strategies For Customer Service Staffers There are numerous reasons to implement product knowledge training strategies in your organization. It isn’t reserved for sales staffers who need to know the tech specs and features. In fact, most people associate customer service with complaints, returns, and other front-end tasks. However, they must … Read more

5 Reasons Why Mobile Learning Is Here To Stay For Good

A Trend That Isn’t Going Anywhere Cast your memory back to about 10 years ago, when mobile learning was first emerging in the mainstream media. It seemed ludicrous that employers had spent so long trying to banish mobile phones from their workplace and now they were encouraging them in order to hit their monthly training … Read more

6 Engaging Resources To Include In Your Company Policy Online Training

Company Policy Online Training: How To Boost It With Engaging Resources For most people, their company policy document is at the bottom of their drawer gathering dust. They probably received it on their first day at work. It may have come in a packet with the job description, salary details, and hiring contract. These policies … Read more

How To Evolve Reskilling And Upskilling To Meet Modern Needs

Evolving Reskilling And Upskilling To Overcome Today’s Challenges In a survey conducted by McKinsey, 87% of executives say they either are experiencing skill gaps now or expect to within the next few years. This poses a severe competency shortage, and the strain for both managers and employees to meet expectations looms large. Leaders face challenges … Read more

4 Examples Of Mobile Learning For Skills Training

How To Use Mobile Learning For Skills Training Mobile learning is the most preferred mode of learning in digital learning methods. It helps you deliver digital learning anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Mobile learning helps employees learn at their own pace by enabling them to access the courses or modules on their devices. Through … Read more

New Employee Onboarding Process: Planning For Day 1 & Potential Missteps

Making Your New Employee Onboarding Process Engaging & Enjoyable To get started, let’s talk about employee onboarding best practices with the essentials, and the must-do components in your new hire training. Then, we’ll review the big game-changers for ramping up your new employees to make training fun — even if everyone is online. Why should … Read more

8 Crucial Topics To Cover In COI Online Training

COI Online Training: Essential Topics To Include Conflict of interest online training is a compliance matter, but it’s a tricky one to navigate. First, it’s a relative term, and the accusation requires a burden of proof. Unfortunately, (dis)proving such allegations is costly, so you’d rather avoid them altogether. It begins with your online training program. … Read more