How Microlearning Enhances The Onboarding Experience

Enhancing The Onboarding Experience With Microlearning Microlearning is a power-packed learning strategy, completely suited to modern learners, providing them with short, concentrated just-in-time learning. In addition to being used in actual L&D, microlearning is also a great tool to onboard new employees. However, in order to do that, you will have to implement microlearning properly, … Read more

3 Ways To Use Instructional Design Best Practices In New Hire Training

How To Use Instructional Design In Your New Hire Online Training Strategy As we discussed in the previous article, it’s important to understand that learning methods must change due to changes in attention spans, learning styles, expectations around information gathering and new learning habits, as well as how instructional designers are using technology to create … Read more

4 Steps To Plan Your Learning Platform Proof Of Concept

Plan Your New Learning Platform Proof Of Concept In Four Steps In our previous article we shared steps leading up to the Proof of Concept (POC) and challenges you may have to overcome when buying and implementing a new learning platform. With these things in mind, you’re ready to plan your POC. This involves: Choosing … Read more

Hidden eBook Gems: 11 Titles You Should Check Out Today (And 1 Standout Webinar)

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eBook Release: Virtual Onboarding Handbook—How Τo Set Up Remote Workers For Success

Your All-In-One Guide For Remote Employee Onboarding Even before they clock in and participate in their first training exercise, new staffers should be familiar with your core values and company mission. But how do you go beyond traditional orientations and make them a valued member of your organization? This virtual employee onboarding handbook has all … Read more

7 Tips To Design Onboarding Online Training For Generation Z Corporate Learners

How To Design Onboarding Online Training For Generation Z Corporate Learners There’s a joke doing the rounds on Twitter. It quotes a teenager at a job interview. She/He says, ‘I’ve been described as an old soul, so I identify and connect with Millennials’. Yes, they have finally joined us in the annals of the ‘aged’. … Read more

Evaluating Onboarding In 2021

Evaluating Onboarding To start off, it is important for L&D professionals to first assess their organization’s current standing. It is also important to determine the total budget allocated toward L&D initiatives for the year. Once that is determined, the last step is to identify the varied eLearning options toward which these budgets can be allocated. … Read more