Best Practices For Employee Engagement: How To Use Storytelling In Your Training

Weaving Tales For New Recruits: Tips To Use Storytelling In Online Training Hearing “Once upon a time…”, and you immediately become involved in the story. That’s how leveraging storytelling in your new hire training can really make a difference with employee engagement. When someone listens or watches a story that’s related to their training, it … Read more

Why Personalized Learning And Engagement Are Key To Workplace Success

Keys To Success In Today’s World Of Hybrid Work “It’s less about a place. It’s more about people’s potential.” This poignant message is emphasized in Accenture’s May 2021 report, The Future of Work: Productive Anywhere, and never has this message been more relevant than it is today. Equipped with the right resources, both on the … Read more

How To Make A Business Case For Continuous Learning

Why Is Continuous Learning And Development A Necessity For Employers And Employees In Organizations? The workplace is in constant flux, especially but not solely limited to knowledge work. Considering the challenges of today’s market, upskilling and reskilling workers is now more important than in the past. Continuous learning and development facilitate the ongoing development of … Read more

5-Phase New Employee Onboarding Checklist Template

How To Make A New Employee Onboarding Checklist – Your All-In-One Template One goal of onboarding is to get new employees comfortable and feeling like they’re part of your company’s culture from the moment they sign their offer letter, because that’s when their onboarding experience truly starts. You probably already have a checklist of things … Read more

Reluctant Online Learners: 7 Reasons Why The Sign-Up Rate Of Your Corporate Training Course Is Low And How To Boost It

How To Win Reluctant Online Learners Over And Increase Course Sign-Ups Some corporate learners jump at every chance to broaden their skills and improve work performance. Then there are others who avoid online training at any expense. However, there are some corporate eLearning challenges that make virtually everyone reluctant to enroll in the online training … Read more

New Employee Onboarding Process: Planning For Day 1 & Potential Missteps

Making Your New Employee Onboarding Process Engaging & Enjoyable To get started, let’s talk about employee onboarding best practices with the essentials, and the must-do components in your new hire training. Then, we’ll review the big game-changers for ramping up your new employees to make training fun — even if everyone is online. Why should … Read more

6 Techniques To Constructively Navigate Team Conflict

Conflict, Performance, Equity, And Inclusion It’s easier to treat everyone well when everyone’s getting along. It’s a lot harder during conflict. Handling conflict poorly—through avoidance, reverting to old habits, steamrolling the opposition, insider favoritism—confirms employees’ worst fears and can lead to withdrawal and lower productivity. In contrast, handling conflict well—through listening, flexibility, accountability, treating everyone … Read more

Using A Corporate LMS For Automated Training In Aviation

How An Automated Corporate LMS Can Help In The Aviation Industry There is a shortage of staff in the aviation industry. There could be many reasons for this shortage, but the lack of a holistic, seamless learning and training environment would definitely be one of the reasons. As one of the most highly regulated industries, … Read more

Reinvent New Hire Onboarding: Learning’s First Impression

A New Hire Onboarding Process For The Modern Age Successful new hire onboarding continues to be critical to a company’s long-term success. According to Glassdoor, companies that delivered a strong onboarding experience saw an 82% increase in new hire retention. L&D professionals in particular know that onboarding is the foundation of an effective learning culture … Read more

The Flipped Classroom: An Effective Training Strategy For Employee Engagement

Training Strategy For Employee Engagement With virtual networking and communications taking over the world, business functions have become more flexible, leveraging the available resources for business functions to maximize capacity. Most people find it more convenient to work from home; they are more productive, multitask easier, and eliminate commuting. However, one fact that is less … Read more