How To Plan For Success In A VUCA Environment

Embrace Disruptions To Drive Innovation Planning for success enhances your VUCA plan so that you have back-up plans and a playbook to take quick and decisive action when confronted with VUCA forces. The concept is to prepare enough in advance that you are not completely blindsided and rendered helpless, no matter what is thrown at … Read more

How To Improve Your Employee Training Experience Using Feedback

Tips To Improve Your Employee Training Experience While all these processes are relevant, there is one essential element that you must keep in mind to connect the packages and that is “feedback.” When it comes to having a better employee training experience, feedback is an incredibly valuable asset. In case you didn’t know, there are … Read more

What Is SEL? 3 Ways Social And Emotional Learning Influences Employee Behaviors

Understanding Social And Emotional Learning Social and Emotional Learning is a core part of how we develop as humans. It’s the process through which we acquire and apply knowledge, skills and attitudes, it’s how we drive towards our goals and make decisions. In the context of workplace learning, it means creating environments of trust, meaningful … Read more

5 Quintessential Traits Of A Successful And Supportive Online Learning Organization

The Traits Of A Supportive Online Learning Organization You may have heard growth opportunities are the best path to career satisfaction. When employees feel like they’re learning something new, they enjoy their jobs more. They feel it’s making them better, that their efforts are valid. This is a better staff retention tool than salaries and … Read more

How To Keep Your Sales Team Engaged During Your Product Training Sessions

Quick Tips To Engage Your Sales Team When it comes to maintaining a strong sales pipeline, employees with thorough knowledge of products are indispensable. Your product may be amazing, but if your employees lack product knowledge, they will do a poor job explaining your product’s value to the customers.  A good product training program ensures your … Read more

5 Video Learning Animation Styles And Best Practices You Should Follow

5 Amazing Video Learning Animation Styles To Boost L&D Engagement Keeping up with workplace trends and creating time-efficient learning and development programs are consistently rated in the top three concerns of L&D managers. With the pace of business information increasing every day, keeping an educated and well-trained staff is no easy task. Supervisors, C-suite leaders, … Read more

5 Ways To Evaluate Employee Online Training Expectations

How To Evaluate Employee Online Training Expectations Employee online training expectations should have an impact on your design process. After all, there are multiple facets involved in online training. We often focus on the “harder” practical aspects. These include online training course purchase/design, and onboarding employees. However, none of this matters if your employees are … Read more

What Is The Need For A Knowledge Sharing Culture In eLearning?

Why A Knowledge Sharing Culture Is Important However, in case you didn’t know, it’s an organizational culture that encourages and allows the free exchange of knowledge, insights, and experiences between different people. Certainly, there are lots of benefits attached to encouraging a knowledge sharing culture in your company. Furthermore, it’s also worth noting that although … Read more

How Creative Storytelling Brings Interactive Scenario-Based Learning Experiences To Life

How To Create An Emotional Connection With Storytelling Once upon a time, in the pre-streaming era, our only sources of entertainment and escape were the stories we shared around our campfires. As we gazed up at the stars after a long day of hunting or gathering, stories helped us understand our purpose, our origins, and … Read more

6 Creative Employee Engagement Ideas That Boost Learning Experiences To New Heights

Using Learning And Engagement In Tandem Learning and development is vital for driving EE. It’s seen by employees as a major indicator of how much a business cares and is willing to invest in them. And, of course, it’s about helping unlock employees’ potential, so they can bring more value and feel more valued in … Read more