How To Create Effective Online Learning That Kids Will Love

Apply These Tips To Maximize eLearning For Kids The use of eLearning is increasing day by day. Various organizations are using eLearning to train their employees. The learning process has become more effective and convenient with the help of eLearning. Online learning can be a fun way to teach kids. Learning becomes more interesting if … Read more

The Six Questions Every L&D Professional Should Ask Stakeholders To Identify Business Needs

Transform Stakeholders’ Wants Into Business Needs Stakeholders aren’t learning professionals, so they tend to approach L&D with what they want—aka solutions—instead of what they need. But if you don’t know what the underlying problem is, how can you be sure that training will solve it? A number of years ago, I worked with a client … Read more

After A Web conference: How To Reinforce Learning

Reinforce Learning With These 5 Tips If you’ve recently conducted a web conference for training purposes, you likely tried to make it as effective as possible. You put time and resources into finding the right content and delivery method. You worked to make the experience engaging. But what about after the web conference? Did you … Read more

Understanding Hybrid Learning And How To Use It

Best Practices For Developing Hybrid Learning If you’ve attended an institution of higher education or a trade school in the last dozen or so years, chances are high that you’ve encountered a course design known as “hybrid learning.” To say that a course will follow a hybrid learning model is commonly understood to mean that … Read more

Bringing A New Approach To Traditional eLearning

Learning In Virtual Environments Education is a huge part of human existence. Ever since the internet changed every aspect of our everyday lives, learning has become extremely more accessible. Learning and education processes have evolved. The use of technology changed learning from books and classrooms to a more fun, more interactive approach. With new but … Read more

The Main Challenges Of Remote Workforce Development – And How To Overcome Them

Remote Workforce Development Challenges And Solutions You’ll face many Remote Workforce Development challenges when planning for remote training, including financial, technical and logistical considerations. Emotional and psychological factors also play a fundamental role in the success of any training rollout. This guide will cover some of the main issues that could unwind a successful training … Read more

Feedback Alternatives To Make eLearning More Empowering

Make The Virtual Classroom Feel More Connective Although eLearning can provide personalized responses to students’ work, the grading system is still relatively black and white. After taking an online assessment, a question is either right or wrong, with no response as to what the student should work on to improve in the future. Although we … Read more

How To Create An eLearning Cybersecurity Plan

Creating An eLearning Cybersecurity Plan Training and learning platforms are often considered one of the earlier adopters of the internet and cloud technology, a trend that has accelerated over the last 20 years. eLearning has flourished with exclusively online content that can be consumed by a global audience. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need … Read more

eBook Release: How Custom Learning Experiences Help Build A Continuous Improvement Culture

Can Custom Learning Experiences Help You Continually Improve Your Business Model? Many organizations are afraid of change because there are too many unknown variables. However, continuously developing your culture and business model keeps you one step ahead of the competition. Not to mention, it gives your employees the opportunity to focus on personal gaps and … Read more

Remote Learning: Helpful Techniques

How To Make The Home Learning Environment More Effective For Children For school-aged families and teachers, this includes the format in which children are required to learn. From district to district, schedules have varied from fully remote to hybrid back to fully remote again. While this environment does teach children to be flexible and able … Read more