Agile Principles For The eLearning Industry

4 Core Principles In eLearning A lot of L&D teams have adapted the iterative approach to developing courses. It enables them to design eLearning courses that have better business value and have a more positive impact on the outcome. Below are the 4 core principles of agile from the Agile Manifesto and some examples that … Read more

7 Top Technical Difficulties In Online Training And Tips To Get Rid Of The Glitches

Technical Difficulties In Online Training You Need To Fend Off We’re often told online training is the best option for corporates. It’s affordable, convenient, and it saves time. Purchasing teams will focus on features and price points. If they’re not digitally savvy, they won’t think to review technical matters. After all, nobody ever taught them … Read more

Storyline eLearning TechTalk For Beginners: Part 1

Do I Need To Know JavaScript If I Use Articulate Storyline For eLearning? The other day I had the pleasure to chat with Devlin Peck about pushing the boundaries of Articulate Storyline by using JavaScript [1]. The discussion was meant for beginners. Nothing too technical. Through the conversation, we explored reasons why someone would benefit … Read more

7 Surprising Reasons Why Organizations Turn To Training Solution Providers

Training Solution Providers: 7 Reasons To Turn To Them Many organizations assume that they have to tackle all their L&D needs in-house. Maybe there isn’t enough room in their budget to outsource and they’ve heard it can cost a pretty penny. Or they feel like they have all the talent they need on their L&D … Read more

The Prime Directive Of 21st-Century eLearning Design: Part 1

Daring To Be Innovative Out Of Necessity The relationship between learning designers and learning experiences is predicated on the assumption that we are up to date on how learning science has changed in the 21st century. From accurate knowledge of how adults in the 21st century learn, we derive principles of instruction which in fact … Read more

10 Things To Consider Before Your eLearning Course Goes Live

What To Keep In Mind Before You Launch Your eLearning Course Too often, eLearning course developers are so focused on going live with their courses, that they neglect to do a meticulous check of the course prior to launching. And, even when they do conduct go-live readiness checks, it’s often focused on a single dimension—technical … Read more

7 Tips To Accommodate Tight Schedules And Develop Condensed eLearning Courses

Condensed eLearning Courses: How To Develop eLearning That’s Fit For Busy Online Learners Mature learners differ from school kids in several ways, and it’s not just their age. They’re generally more invested in their training, because they paid for it themselves. Even if it’s employer-sponsored, they know why they’re studying, so they’re more emotionally invested. … Read more

5 Ways To Nail Your Look And Feel Without A Graphic Designer

Best Practices For Graphic Design Newbies Creating engaging and effective eLearning courses isn’t easy. We, as Instructional Designers, have to consider the content, the learner experience, the user experience, the graphics and multimedia, gamification, and the LMS administration to name but a few factors. As a result, sometimes the look and feel of eLearning courses … Read more

7 Hurdles Organizations Must Overcome To Maintain Consistency In Online Training

Consistency In Online Training: How To Overcome The Main Obstacles Organizations Come Across Employees need to know what your company stands for and what to expect when they login to the online training platform. As such, consistency across the board is crucial. Employees must be able to not only put their best foot forward in … Read more

Is It Time To Take The eLearning Leap? 8 Online Training Topics That Can Make The Difference

Essential Online Training Topics That Facilitate The Switch From Traditional Training One of the most challenging aspects of transitioning from traditional training to corporate eLearning is knowing when the time is right. You need to make a strong case for stakeholders to gain their buy-in. But you must also determine which online training courses will … Read more