Is Data Science the New Coding?

There’s been a big push in recent years to get students coding. Before that, the big skill was learning to use word processing software. And before that, typing. Now there’s a movement to bring the latest futuristic skill into classrooms: data science. It’s one that relies not just on technology but on shaking up math … Read more

Early EdTech Giant PowerSchool Goes Public

Companies like to talk about their journey in raising money and growing over time, and one waypost for such journeys is to reach the ringing bells of a stock-market debut. PowerSchool Holdings, Inc. heard those bells today, as the company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange—though the initial price ended up on the … Read more

Duolingo IPO Shows Investors Think Edtech Is Still Growing

Duolingo officially goes public today, with the app-based language tool now has a valuation of outstanding shares at about $3.7 billion, making its total valuation more than $4.7 billion—which is a good moment to reflect on how mobile learning has entered classrooms and how the company has expanded from just an app. In 2011, Pittsburgh-based … Read more

Why the Future of Work Needs a Shared Language to Describe Skills

Today, job seekers rely on outdated methods to communicate their abilities and work experiences. The status quo fails to capture the full spectrum of an individual’s range of skills and creates a bias favoring credentialed learning, which hurts the nearly 70 percent of Americans who don’t have a college degree. There is also a growing … Read more

We Know How to Diversify STEM Fields. The Challenge Is Spreading What Works.

Freeman Hrabowski is a college president who has long fought for civil rights and racial justice. When he was 12 years old, he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in Birmingham, Alabama—and got arrested. Such protests in the 1960s were crucial, he says, but largely symbolic. For most of Hrabowski’s long career he says he … Read more

Forget Critical Race Theory in the Classroom. Kids Are Learning About Race on TikTok.

For some, it’s crucial civic education. For others, it’s “political advocacy” and “anti-American theories.” For plenty of students, though, it’s just history class. This year, at least 26 bills or legally binding public opinions in states across the U.S. have again sought to redefine what is acceptable, fact-based, and ideologically neutral content to teach about … Read more

A Thought About School Opening Recommendations For COVID

Broadly speaking, our recommendations as an organization would parallel those of scientists, medical experts, and sociocultural leaders in local communities. As of July, 2021, the CDC, for example, recommends the following (emphasis my own): Evidence suggests that many K-12 schools that have strictly implemented prevention strategies have been able to safely open for in-person instruction … Read more

Online Tutoring in China Was Booming. Then Came a Dramatic Shift in Regulations.

China’s ballooning edtech market is suddenly deflating thanks to new government restrictions on lucrative private tutoring companies that serve millions of the country’s children. In mid-July, China’s government issued new regulations that drastically limit for-profit tutoring services and prohibit foreign investment in Chinese private education companies, reports Reuters. The new rules restrict both tutoring services … Read more

Schools Must Connect Learning to Real-World Experience. Service Learning Can Help.

As communities across the country prepare for the upcoming school year, there is cause for long-awaited optimism. Many students will be returning to the classroom with different kinds of skills and relationships built during an incredibly difficult year. They’ve expanded their hobbies and interests, navigated new technology and learned how to play a role in … Read more

Do You Know Your District’s True Digital Story? This Tool Can Help

Matt Frey is a data guy. As Executive Director of Instructional Technology at Plano ISD in Texas, he often slips into his district’s sea of digital usage data to understand student engagement, direct budget planning, find power users and more. But sometimes, he’ll dig around without specific goals or questions in mind, exploring until the … Read more