Udemy, an Online Course Platform Where Anyone Can Teach, Keeps Raising Money. What's Next?

Udemy has become one of the best-funded companies in edtech, having raised another $80 million earlier this year, bringing its total raised to nearly $300 million. So, what are its plans, and how does it see the market for online courses changing after the pandemic? Those were some questions we brought to Udemy’s CEO, Gregg … Read more

Can College Predictive Models Survive the Pandemic?

Though many are eager to forget 2020, data scientists will be keeping the year top of mind as we determine whether the pandemic’s impact makes 2020 data anomalous or an indication of more permanent change in higher ed. As we develop new predictive models and update the existing ones with data collected in the last … Read more

Diverse Leaders are Changing Education

I was 20 years old and wearing my best suit. I woke up early so I could make the one-hour trip to Midtown Manhattan to begin my Wall Street internship orientation. The Sponsors for Educational Opportunity team planned an intense training. We learned Excel modeling, financial terms, and networking. The goal was to leave the … Read more

How This Company Gives Voice — and Value — to Virtual Collaboration

Sometimes, a great idea takes an unexpected turn that makes it even better. When VoiceThread’s founders first started dabbling in software, they aimed to answer a key question: If you took an image and recorded the audio stories behind it, would this digital artifact have more value? Sometimes, a great idea takes an unexpected turn … Read more

How Much Does the U.S. Spend on Edtech? No One Knows, and That’s a Problem

The U.S. edtech industry is massive. By our estimate, startups and companies raised upward of $2.2 billion in 2020 alone. Yet, curiously, the amount districts, states and the federal government spend on these products each year is something of an unknown variable. According to a new analysis published this week by the Edtech Evidence Exchange, … Read more

Edtech Investment Around the World in 2020 [Infographic]

Investment in education technology over the past year shattered previous records. And some surprising new patterns have emerged in certain parts of the world. Brought to you by AWS Edstart, the edtech startup accelerator program. Learn more here, and apply to become a member or get involved today. See where the dollars are flowing, and … Read more

Why This Startup Is Banking on VR to Build Empathy

Virtual reality (VR) technology is poised to impact many aspects of modern life including education. Early implications are that VR has the potential to enhance and optimize collaboration between teachers and students—in both remote and classroom-based environments. Early studies, such as ones from international researcher Richard Van Hooijdonk, show that virtual and augmented reality tools … Read more