What the Odd History of ‘Pulling Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps’ Says About Education Equity

There’s a phrase that’s used a lot when talking about the American Dream, a phrase that captures this idea that anyone can rise up and make their own fortune: “Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.” And it turns out, the idiom has a precise—and surprising—origin story. It starts back in 1834, with an inventor from … Read more

Applying to College Has Changed During the Pandemic. A High School Senior’s Podcast Shows How.

Podcasts have been helping high school senior Maggie Borgen cope with stress during the pandemic. So she decided to make her own, sharing her advice and reflections on the student experience. One big theme of this student’s podcast is how the college search is different this year for seniors—and kind of surreal. “For some of … Read more

What Do Today’s Kids Need for Tomorrow’s World? More Than Tech and Academics

So what do today’s students—whether they’re in K-12 or in college—need to know to be prepared for the world they’ll graduate into? That question has only become more complicated during the uncertainty of a pandemic. And it’s the topic of a new book by Stephanie Krauss, called “Making It: What Today’s Kids Need for Tomorrow’s … Read more

Worried About Student Mental Health, a College President Moved Into the Dorms

When an outbreak of COVID-19 cases led Norwich University to put the campus on lockdown, the school asked students to stay in their dorm rooms full time, except to use the bathroom. Pretty soon, the university’s president, Mark Anarumo, began to worry about the mental-health impacts of that social isolation. So Anarumo made an unusual … Read more

Why Is Teaching So Prone to Fads?

Teaching is full of fads, big ideas that promise to revolutionize instruction. A few years ago, MOOCs graced the covers of newspapers as a way to bring college to the masses on the cheap. At some point, gamification was going to be the answer. For this week’s EdSurge Podcast, we’re revising an episode from the … Read more

There Is No ‘Average Student.’ So How Should Educators Measure Learning?

There are longstanding debates about testing in education. Some say we test kids too much and should do away with things like the SAT. Others think assessments still have value and must continue, but delivered in more modern ways. So, what’s the right amount? But what if that’s the wrong question? What if the way … Read more

More Students Are Using Chegg to Cheat. Is the Company Doing Enough to Stop It?

The pandemic has dramatically altered teaching and learning, and one side effect seems to be a rise in cheating on quizzes and tests, aided by websites designed to help students study. Students were used to being watched as they took tests in-person, says Tricia Bertram Gallant, a board member of the International Center for Academic … Read more

A Social-Emotional Learning Expert Explains Why ‘Unity’ Is So Elusive

In his Inaugural Address last month, President Joe Biden spoke at length about unity. He mentioned the word 11 times in his 19-minute speech, as he implored Americans to set aside their differences and come together as one nation. Biden argued that unity offers the best way forward if our country hopes to heal from … Read more

Is It Still Teaching When the Professor Is Dead?

Aaron Ansuini had a question for the professor teaching his online course at Concordia University, so he decided to shoot him an email. He had been enjoying the video lectures by the professor, François-Marc Gagnon, and Ansuini searched online for his email address. What he found instead was an obituary for the professor, who passed … Read more

How the Race Between Vaccinations and COVID Variants Affects School Reopening

President Biden has made reopening K-12 schools as one of his top priorities for the first 100 days of his administration, or by the end of April. With COVID-19 vaccinations rolling out across the country, there’s hope that that will happen. But there is also a sense of added urgency. New strains of the coronavirus … Read more