The Pick And Mix Approach: Top Ways Custom Training Solutions Solve L&D Challenges

Custom Learning Solutions That Help You Solve L&D challenges A little from column A, a little from column B… Allow your learners to take a pick and mix approach to their learning journey by using custom training solutions and put your people, not your tech, firmly in the frame. “The last thing learning should be … Read more

Supercharging Employee Training With A Personalized Learning Platform: 3 Things To Consider

Getting Personal With Your Learning Platform Modern expectations for digital content are high – it needs to be relevant, meaningful, timely, and ultimately useful, fitting into a point of need right there and then. Content that delivers on these points with well-honed UX design, will do well in the learning marketplace, and go viral amongst … Read more

Bespoke eLearning: When Your Brain Speaks To Your Heart

Bespoke eLearning It is evident from the fact that the same concept when taught interestingly shows much more learning impact than plain or boring content. Interest and user engagement play a major role in learning. One of the many ways for user engagement is customization and personalization of content. Here comes the concept of off-the-shelf … Read more

4 Ways To Make Your Sales Enablement Training A Success

Creating Successful Sales Enablement Training Be it a product or a service company, the sales force plays a vital role in organizational growth. The success of an organization depends on how well the sales teams are enabled. In this article, I will share 4 ways to help you make your sales enablement training a success. … Read more