6 Tips To Impart Conflict Management Skills In Leadership Online Training

How To Define Conflict Management Skills In Leadership Online Training Sometimes, the office can feel like an extension of high school, with all the same cliques. You might continue the role you played in high school, or you may have re-invented yourself. The darker side of this situation is that colleagues often squabble, just like … Read more

Sustainability Of Workplace Learning: The Role Of Soft Skills

The Future Of Work Is Human A large proportion of workplace learning is developing specific substance skills and competencies, or hard skills. However, as technological advancements, digitalization, and continuous change transform and increase the demands of work, the key to future success is to strengthen the type of skills that maximize what the workforce is … Read more

5 Subtle Cues That Your Employees Are Not Emotionally Connecting During Online Training

Emotionally Connecting During Online Training: How To Tell Your Employees Are Not Syncing Connecting emotion to an incident is a good aid to memory. The more you ‘feel’, the better you’ll remember the incident. This is helpful for online training because it enhances recall. Your online training content will be far more successful if you can … Read more

4 Strategies To Support Learning In The Flow of Work

Why Learning In The Flow Of Work? For generations, employees have been trained using the traditional methods of classroom sessions and field activities. In the recent past, though, organizations have realized that learners are not learning much through formal sessions. They are also not interested in these sessions. L&D has been rolling out programs one … Read more

8 Ways Online Training Assists Customer Service Staff Manage Stress In The Workplace

How Online Training Assists Customer Service Staff Manage Stress In The Workplace Stress often runs rampant in the workplace. Especially for customer service employees who are on the front lines every day, fielding complaints and questions. In small quantities, it can help your team stay alert and improve productivity. It’s a powerful motivator. However, a … Read more

SMEs: Evolution Or Revolution In A Post-Pandemic World?

Learning From The Past But Planning For The Future Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have been a fixture within the network of Instructional Designers for decades. Subject Matter Experts are the people to go to when Instructional Designers are tasked with creating learning experiences for employees that will result in higher ROI and increasingly improved performance … Read more

Shared Vision? 6 Tips To Use Online Training To Impart Company Vision

How To Impart Company Vision Through Online Training Organizational missions and visions are designed to define the identity of the company. They explain what the firm is about and guide its policies. Unfortunately, they’re often too abstract to everyone except the boss or the person that created them. And yet the whole company needs to … Read more

8 Strategies To Integrate Experiential Learning Into Workplace Training Programs

How Most Of The Learning Happens Through Experiential Learning: The 70:20:10 Model In today’s work from home (WFH) environment, the old training models aren’t too effective. You can’t call up a colleague at odd hours to come over to show you how to… Many remote workers are sometimes left to their own devices in figuring … Read more

Applying The 70:20:10 Model In Online Training: 4 Benefits And 3 Drawbacks

70:20:10 Model: Pros And Cons Of Applying It In Online Training Do the 70:20:10 model benefits outweigh the downsides? In the 1980s, an NGO called the Centre for Creative Leadership created the 70:20:10 model for training. It states that 70% of training is on the job, 20% from peers, and only 10% from formal instruction. … Read more

The Future Of Corporate L&D: Moving From A Netflix To A YouTube Model

How The Crisis Has Changed How We Train Now more than ever, L&D professionals have had to step up and jump on board the eLearning trend, whether you see it as a temporary solution or the new L&D normal, it’s clear that things have changed. With 2020 rendering face-to-face training virtually impossible, we’ve had to … Read more