Teachers Are Going Viral on TikTok. Is That a Good Thing?

Teachers are becoming stars these days on TikTok, that social media platform for sharing short videos. And some of them say the platform serves as a kind of virtual teaching lounge during COVID. But is it a good thing for the teaching profession that classroom instructors are part of a site known for dance crazes, … Read more

Families Have School Options, We Just Don’t Spell Them Out in Plain English

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Posted Jan. 26, 2021

Before taking a much needed vacation at the end of last year, I wrote a piece talking about how education for Black kids cannot look…

Posted Jan. 25, 2021

The impact of COVID-19 on the education community was astonishing. Educators pivoted all of their curricula to a virtual landscape for the first time. Guardians…

Posted Jan. 25, 2021

A new COVID-19 strain is more contagious than ever. The Trump administration’s sheer neglect in the face of this deadly pandemic is enraging. Federal inaction…

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Hailed as ‘Heroes,’ Child Care Workers in Some States Are Denied Vaccine Priority

For months, they have been labeled “essential workers,” celebrated for their sacrifices and hailed as heroes for their role in keeping the country going in the face of a deadly pandemic. But with vaccinations underway—and an end to the exhaustion, fear and suffering finally in sight—early childhood educators in some states have found themselves snubbed … Read more

U. of Florida Alters ‘Tattle Button’ That Let Students Report Profs Who Don’t Teach In Person

Some critics called it a “tattle button.” One parent called it “Rat My Professor.” Plenty of professors and alumni pushed back last week when the University of Florida added a button to its campus-safety app that encouraged students to report if a professor who was supposed to be teaching in person switched classes to online. … Read more

Another Pandemic Semester Is Underway. Here’s What Students and Profs Learned From the Fall

Here we go again. Spring semester is starting at campuses around the country, and the COVID-19 pandemic just doesn’t seem ready to let up. Just like in the fall, some campuses are doing as much in-person teaching as possible, with safety interventions like plexiglass barriers in front of podiums. Others are staying fully online. One … Read more

U. of Florida Asks Students to Use App to Report Profs Who Don‘t Teach In Person

Administrators at the University of Florida are so concerned that professors will refuse to teach in person this semester that they’re asking students to use an app to report any professor who teaches online instead. And some professors are outraged by the tactic. The university added new options to its campus safety app, called Gator … Read more

With the Pandemic Shining New Light on Early Childhood Educators, Proponents Look to ‘Radical’ Changes

Along with Dolly Parton, good weather, well-stocked toilet paper aisles and the “stop video” function on Zoom, the pandemic has brought a newfound appreciation—reverence, even—for early childhood educators. Families, fellow educators and the general public have begun to see just how integral child care professionals are to a smoothly functioning economy, says Ashley LiBetti, associate … Read more

As Grown-Ups Argue Over Reopening Schools, Chicago’s Kids Lose

Chicago Public Schools students are back in school.  Well, some of them are. It’s complicated, and getting messier by the minute.  WBEZ Chicago has more

Opening Campuses During Pandemic Sent Virus Cases Soaring in Communities, CDC Reports

What is the health cost of opening college campuses during a pandemic, for students and the broader community? New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally offers an answer to the question that has plagued higher ed leaders for the last 10 months. Cases of COVID-19 increased 56 percent in U.S. counties … Read more

‘Don’t Kick the Chicken,’ and Other Memorable Advice From the EdSurge Podcast in 2020

On this week’s EdSurge Podcast, we’re revisiting some of the most memorable moments from our podcast in 2020—and some bonus material that we wanted to include but didn’t make it in previously. Listen to Dave Eggers’ concerns about what he sees as overuse of tech in education. Hear how one professor created an unusual final … Read more