Designing A Tool-KIT For Remote Employee Wellness

Remote Employee Wellness: Trends And Ideas Formal and informal on-site programs have been around for years. Examples include brown bag lunch-and-learn programs, on-site gyms, walking groups, movie nights, support groups, and the general camaraderie with peers. In addition, a clear distinction between being at work and away from work helps employees gain a sense of … Read more

Ways To Do Cross-Cultural Training

How To Impart Training To Different Employees Cross-cultural training is very important for a company. It is important so that the employees learn how to respect each other’s cultures. Video Demos To Spread Cultural Awareness Every culture has some rules of etiquette which must be followed to see that no offense is caused. Well, but … Read more

What Is Continuous Improvement? (And How To Include It In Your Company Culture)

The idea behind continuous improvement sits at the heart of almost every business improvement model—whether that’s Six Sigma, Lean, or many other approaches organizations have utilised to get better at what they do. It’s the idea of making small changes to process, product, services, and learning that add up to larger positive changes in the … Read more

7 Essential Diversity And Inclusion Training Activities That Improve ROI

Diversity and inclusion online training fosters goodwill among your employees and ensures mutual respect. But they can also benefit your company’s bottom line. In this article, I feature 7 essential diversity and inclusion online training activities that improve ROI. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

How To Create A More Diverse, Equitable, And Inclusive (DEI) Workplace

In this article, I talk about Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive (DEI) initiatives and how you can make diversity, equity, and inclusion work within your organization. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Iceberg! Right Ahead!

Why Your Training Sinks I wish this wasn’t true, but the sad reality is that the vast majority of training doesn’t work. Some estimates put the success of training interventions at as little as 10%. Think about that for a minute. If only 10% of training is transferred to a learner’s role, that means 90% … Read more