Facts and Stats: The Science And Data Supporting Successful Collaborative Learning Strategies

The Science Behind A Successful Collaborative Learning Strategy In a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Washington, active learning driven by collaboration and interaction was proven to positively affect the academic performance of university students. More surprisingly, this study found that the absence of active learning can actually hurt a student’s chances … Read more

3 Prime Examples Of Collaborative Learning In The Workplace

Leveraging Collaborative Learning In The Workplace Before we get into some examples of Collaborative Learning in the workplace, let’s start with the basics: what is Collaborative Learning, exactly? Collaborative Learning is a training methodology where employees share their knowledge and expertise, teaching and learning from one another at the same time. This group learning enhances … Read more

Social robots for 21st century skills: The new EdTech frontier?

Social robots: the missing link in EdTech Social robots are robots designed to interact with people. In contrast to their manufacturing siblings, social robots are intended to help not with physical activities, but with social interactions. They are usually cute, highly expressive and fun to be around. And like all robots, they can be equipped … Read more

How Collaborative Learning Boosts Engagement Rates To Over 90% [eBook]

Are Collaborative Learning Solutions Best For Your Business? Collaborative learning solutions bring your distributed teams together and keep everyone in the L&D loop. But is it the right strategy for your organization? Can it help your employees bridge gaps more rapidly and hone crucial skills? This eBook sheds light on collaborative learning science, best practices, … Read more

“Students learn how to behave online”

Minecraft is fun – but it’s also a useful tool for teachers. Swiss teacher Stefan Huber’s students explore complex issues while also reflecting on their online behavior. Caroline Smrstik Gentner: What led you to start using Minecraft in your lessons? Stefan Huber: During the first Covid-19 lockdown in spring 2020, I felt that we were … Read more