Motivate Your Class Through Group Contingency

Spread the love Group contingency is a set of techniques based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which can be used for groups of children and adults. In ABA, these are used for individuals, but professionals and educators have found ways to adapt this to groups. Group contingency aims to reinforce target behavior in a group … Read more

What Are Homogeneous Classrooms

Spread the love While heterogeneous groups have been discussed as a solution in the past couple of years, homogeneous classrooms are still mostly present. Most placing exceptionally gifted kids or those with specific learning disabilities in the same class, this concept doesn’t focus on diversity but instead ensures that the presented learning pace is comfortable … Read more

5 Strategies Teachers Can Implement Using Assessment Data To Enhance Students Outcome

Spread the love Student assessment data allows you to peek into your students’ minds—to discover their areas of weakness and strength. This knowledge is essential to guide a teacher’s focus while making plans for their class. Teachers are already taking advantage of student data to group students appropriately and develop end-of-year objectives, but there are … Read more

Assuming The Best: The Power Of Teaching Through Positive Assumption

by Terry Heick Always assume the best in students; at worst, assume there’s more to know. If they fail, assume they tried and want another chance. Assume they weren’t aware of what they weren’t aware of or that they don’t understand the scale or effects of the failure. If they break a rule, assume they … Read more