The Role Of Assimilation In Everyday Routines

Spread the love When discussing assimilation, most people think of immigrants assimilating and adopting a new culture. However, it is a much broader term that involves general adoption and comprehension of new information with the information we already have.  According to psychologists, assimilation is strictly personally affected by our previous beliefs. It is greatly determined … Read more

How Cognition Affects Us

Spread the love Cognitive psychology is one of the most popular fields in psychology, as it digs deep into how we think, perceive, and comprehend. Cognition is a set of mental processes essential for acquiring knowledge, including imagination, communication, thinking, and perceiving. The processes related to cognition are interconnected and affect our daily routine in … Read more

How Negative Self-Talk Affects Your Productivity

Spread the love While it is recommended to have boundaries and be critical towards yourself from time to time (especially when it comes to unhealthy habits), you shouldn’t let that voice overwhelm you. Critical self-talk can have a disastrous impact on your productivity and academic success, especially when baseless. According to many psychologists and psychiatrists, … Read more

What Is Vygotsky’s Zone Of Proximal Development (ZPD)?

Spread the love The zone of proximal development is a set of actions that you can’t perform without assistance. The word “proximal” is used concerning activities that you can’t perform independently, but you can handle them with assistance. You need more guidance and help to learn how to handle these tasks independently.  The Concept Of … Read more