Former Pearson, edX Exec Raises $7.5M to Build AI-Powered Digital Courseware

The demand for innovative digital learning technology has never been higher. And investment continues to flow into the edtech space. But companies looking to differentiate themselves in this increasingly competitive sector have to bring something new to the table. Esme Learning Solutions is banking on artificial intelligence (AI), collaborative learning experiences and relationships with some … Read more

Bots In The Classroom

Wave Of Change There’s a wave of change beginning to lap at school doors…bots. This article will examine: Today’s use of both physical and virtual bots in schools Costs associated with the new technology Propose a rethink of the current system Digital learning twin New age identity and privacy framework Roles, data privacy, and liability … Read more

AI-Powered LMS And Standard LMS? Which One To Choose?

AI-powered LMSs are the future, they are being widely introduced in business and education today. Empowering Learning Management Systems with AI gives a number of tangible advantages: automatic error correction, personalized content, curriculum automation. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

What AI Really Does Not Do During An Online Test

AI used in live proctoring functions like a smoke detector alerting humans to a possible problem, and then, humans make the decisions, not the technology. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

How Professors Can Use AI to Improve Their Teaching In Real Time

The original version of this article appeared in Toward Data Science. When I started teaching data science and artificial intelligence in Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering, I was frustrated by how little insight I actually felt I had into how effective my teaching was, until the end-of-semester final exam grades and student assessments came … Read more

5 Ways Video Transcription Is Becoming Essential To The eLearning Industry

Video Transcription For The eLearning Industry Many of us have spent a good part of the past year in video conferences. They all blend into each other—eCourses, webinars, virtual conferences. We jump from one into the other. At the end of the day, it’s a long blur. What happened? What do we remember? Sure, many … Read more

How Machine Learning Can Transform Supply Chain Management

Why Is Machine Learning Important To The Supply Chain? The supply chain involves a lot of components that go into the production and distribution process. This includes what raw materials are used, the supply of said materials, the manufacturing of the products, and delivery. A properly managed supply chain can increase revenue, which is where … Read more

What AI Can Teach Us About Voice Of The Customer (VoC)

What AI Can Teach Us About VoC Businesses have become customer-centric, and brands now know how important it is to listen to the voice of the customer (VoC), which is also known as the customer’s voice. It can capture, study, and reveal all your customers’ sentiments, expectations, and comments associated with your brand. Customer feedback … Read more

Turn to Coding and Robotics If You Want Your Students to Possess a Growth Mindset

Spread the love Diligence, a curious spirit, and perseverance are qualities we desire to see in our students. These traits are elements of the “growth mindset.” Teaching students coding presents one of the best opportunities to develop and nurture kids’ growth mindset in the school setting. This article shows five scenarios to support this position. … Read more

The Human Machine Interface

How Will Humans And Machines Interact And Evolve? Creating a machine that attains or outstrips human intelligence is presently beyond technology. Throughout the intelligent machine system cycle—from design, development, testing, and distribution—we must ensure their safe use now they are acting as teachers, coaches, and companions. With unprecedented roles in many life aspects, tough questions … Read more