New Pedagogy Of Subconscious Training In English Skills

Subconscious Training In Student-Centered Class Subconscious acquisition of language skills is a concept that prominent linguist Stephen Krashen has demonstrated for decades through extensive research, but most teachers still challenge it. The pedagogical theory doesn’t accept that subconscious acquisition is a sustainable method to acquire language skills. For learning ESL, we use a multitude of … Read more

From K-12 To Corporate

How To Leave Teaching For Corporate Adult Learning Teaching in a U.S. K-12 school can be one of the most rewarding careers ever. It can also be one of the most exhausting and underpaid professions [1]. While having the opportunity to shape the society of the future may sound remarkable, taking care of someone else’s … Read more

Safe And Fair Assessment Is The Key To Adult And Remote Learning

Cheating Threatens The Credibility Of Online Degrees Since demographics have temporarily depressed the number of teenage college students, schools have rightly focused their growth prospects on older, often returning students. The new focus has coincided with a growth in the number and general quality of online programs, allowing colleges to meet the flexibility demands of … Read more