You’ve Got a Friend

My teaching partners and I take different rotations for PE each day. My focus is on developing the kids’ cardio-respiratory endurance. Right now, we’re working on jogging without stopping for 2 minutes, and it’s HARD for the kids. I asked them to encourage classmates who they see struggling. As I said to them, anyone can … Read more

What Does Home Mean?

Many many years ago I had a sweet little girl in my third grade class. She and her family were new immigrants from Mexico, and all five of them shared a rented bedroom in someone’s house. Both parents worked hard and pushed their kids to do well in school. Over the years, I taught all … Read more

It Pays to be Nice

One of my kids was really mean to another kid. Really mean. Me: I’m calling your parents. Him: No! They’re gonna get mad. Me: I’m sure they will. Him: They’ll hit me. Me: Where? Him: On my butt. Me: That’s a bummer. Him: Tell me about it.

A Little Too Open House

At Open House this year, I had a fun little conversation with a fourth grader from my class and her second grade sister. Me: Wow! That’s a nice diorama. That’s a good grade on it too! Did you make it? 2nd Grader: No. My mommy did. 4th Grader (trying to save face): You helped! 2nd: … Read more

The State of Our Testing is Snotty

This year, very few exciting things happened during state testing. Here were some of the highlights from Day One: I watched a kid take his headphones off and use the foam parts to wipe his nose. That made me think, after dry-heaving over my desk drawer, maybe I should walk around and offer some tissues. … Read more

One Word

Troublemaker.  That’s the one word a student in our class thought best described him.  Troublemaker.  He chose that word because it’s what he’s been told.  Troublemaker.  He chose that word because it’s how he feels.  Troublemaker.  Adults in his life made him believe it’s true.  Troublemaker.  Kids encouraged him to embrace it.  Troublemaker.  I’m so glad … Read more

Too Much Lick-er

So the other day one of our parents at school had something sticky on her right palm, probably the gelato we were selling as a fundraiser, so she licked it off as she was talking to me. I mean LICKED it off, full tongue, several licks.  It was like watching Palm Porn.  Right after she … Read more

Drop the Hammer

Yesterday was Open House.  Today was “extremely tired but exceedingly talkative students” day.  At one point, after fruitlessly fighting the talking, I just sat down at my desk to cool off before I blew my stack.  Always observant Izzy sees me do this, folds her hands, shuts her mouth and sits quietly for about 30 … Read more