I Heart Nuggets

Know what initially sounds like a good idea but actually turns out not to be?Heart-shaped chicken nuggets.That’s what we served for lunch at school as Valentine’s Day approached.Heart-shaped chicken nuggets. You see, when you turn a heart-shaped chicken nugget over and and then bite the pointy part off, you’re left with… …butt-shaped chicken nuggets. Fleshy, … Read more

In High Demand

We have one fourth grader this year who is pretty quickly becoming one of my favorite kids ever. His name is Chuck, and he’s a unique little guy. He struggles a bit with interpersonal communication, personal space, and letting things go. To me, that’s just part of his charm.  Oh, he also speaks with absolutely … Read more


How to instantly become my favorite student:  Be funny.  How to instantly stop being my favorite student: Let a long dingle dangle of snot hang out of your nose and rock back and forth so it swings like a pendulum while I’m watching you from across the room.  This has been a public service announcement … Read more

Don’t Be Alarmed

As I’ve said before, one of my favorite parts of my job is downtime when I can just chat with the kids. Their true little personalities come out then.  I did that today as they waited in line for ice cream sundaes after our 4th grade field day.  So, we’re in a park and a … Read more