Academic Technology & Services Manager – Office of Information Technology

Academic Technology & Services Manager–Office of Information Technology  Reports to: Associate Provost for Teaching, Learning & Assessment Position: Regular, Full-Time Salary Range: DOEFLSA Status: Exempt Location: Remote work is possible We are seeking an Academic Technology & Services Manager to work either out of our administrative headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA or remotely. The successful candidate … Read more

5 Ways to Make Your Dorm Feel Homey

College gives you the chance to be independent and develop your own style. You should enjoy trying new things and meeting new challenges. But you don’t have to leave all the comforts of home behind. While you pursue your college life, you need a dorm room that offers comfort and security. What you really want … Read more

What Is Reciprocal Teaching?

What Is Reciprocal Teaching? by Terry Heick Reciprocal teaching is a guided teaching strategy where small groups of students improve their reading comprehension by the scaffolded application of Predicting, Clarifying, Questioning, and Summarizing as reading strategies (Palinscar & Brown, 1984) . In this way, it is a type of literature circle and uses a constructivist–and communal … Read more

A Bad Employee Or A Bad Week?

What’s Going On When A Learner Refuses To Learn? On a humid summer evening, George Williams was clocked at 78 mph in a 35 mph zone. He ran four red lights as the police followed him. He finally stopped, leaped out of his car, and ran into a building. What do you think of George … Read more

6 Instructional Strategies That Challenge And Support Students

A teaching strategy is anything the teacher does or facilitates to help students learn. So while formal teaching strategies like ‘Reciprocal Teaching’ and ‘Station Teaching’ are often thought of when considering these kinds of strategies, something as simple as ‘being clear,’ making eye contact, or even holding class outside could be considered a teaching strategy. … Read more

Instructional Design Through The Lens Of Rapid eLearning

Instructional Design And Rapid eLearning I was a first-generation Instructional Designer with a love for teaching and PowerPoint eight years ago. The whole process of understanding content and chunking it, selecting the strategy, setting learning objectives, framing assessments, selecting visuals, and designing the storyboard fascinated me. It was very satisfying to receive feedback from the … Read more

Educators: When It Comes to DEI, We Can’t Be Silent

There are certain experiences in life for which there are no words, and certain conversations that can leave a lasting impact. Here I was, a Pakistani-American woman and the new director of school operations, charged with leading our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, checking in with the principal when we started talking about the previous … Read more

The Building Blocks Of Business Maturity And It's Connection To Learning And Development

Why Organizational Maturity And Learning Culture Go Hand-In-Hand Training, upskilling, reskilling, adapting, and equipping employees to excel are common ways we as organizations build and express our learning culture. There are, however, wide variations in the people, process, and technology resources applied to these objectives. Learning maturity describes the organization’s progressive path from elementary to … Read more

Why Tech Companies View the Job Search As Big Business

In the months that followed the onset of COVID-19, devastating unemployment and the rapid shift to remote learning renewed questions about the efficacy of a pricey, multi-year college degree—and sparked a national outcry over the relevance of traditional higher education in a COVID-changed world. Parents and students alike were rightfully skeptical of paying high prices … Read more

HR Training Programs 101: Tips To Boost Recruitment In The Face Of The COVID-19 Crisis

How To Enhance Recruitment HR Training Programs In The Face Of The COVID-19 Crisis The global pandemic has changed the way we do business in many respects, that includes the recruiting process. As a result, HR training programs need to adapt to expand your talent pool and retain top performers. You might have a running … Read more